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The trainees happily ate the hairy crabs and went back to rehearsing.

Shi Xi sent the Ning couple to the airport.

Seeing them leave, she turned around and received a call from Han Chuan.

“Your parents went to look for you” Han Chuan went straight to the point.

Shi Xi clicked her tongue.

“Where did you see that”

“The paparazzi recorded a video on Weibo.” Han Chuan paused and said, “You did a good job.”

When he saw the video, he was very worried that Shi Xi would turn her back on them and chase them away.

Shi Xi: “…Can you get someone to delete the video I dont want anyone to disturb my parents anymore.”

Han Chuan: “Sure.”

The Ning couple were outsiders, so there was no need for them to live under the supervision of the public.

When they returned to the production team, the director saw Shi Xi and warmly invited her to have a dinner party this weekend.

“Theres a public performance on Saturday, so lets all get together this weekend night.

Its been hard on the both of you.”

“Its the weekend…” Shi Xi suddenly remembered that it was Xie Yunzhous birthday that day.

“Its my friends birthday this weekend.

I dont have time.”

The director said regretfully, “Then we can only get together again next time.”

Shi Xi: “Maybe next time.

The show is still long!”

While the two of them were chatting, Li Jinfan happened to pass by in the corner.

He heard the wordsweekend andbirthday in bits and pieces.

Teacher Shi Xis birthday this weekend

Li Jinfan was deep in thought.


The third episode (1) of [Star Idol] was broadcast.

The main content was grouping and rehearsing.

Among them, the scene of four mentors fighting over Bai Cangyang was extremely interesting.

The other part that caused a heated discussion was the footage of Shi Xi leading the Original Team.

[What ability does Shi Xi have to lead the Original Team How dare she!]

[Im impressed.

Does Shi Xi know how to compose lyrics or dance choreography Let her lead two of the Original Team Light candles for the younger brothers of these two teams.]

[Can Shi Xi have some self-awareness and quit this show earlier What popularity mentor Shes just the annoying mentor, right Every time I see her, I get annoyed.]


[They already said its called the Original Team.

The trainees create their own originals and rely on the mentors help Then how can it still be called an original]

[Its a two-hour show, and Shi Xi only has a total of five minutes of footage.

How can this be called an original]

[A popularity mentor is a popularity mentor.

Every time the main show is broadcast, Shi Xi will definitely be trending.]

[The team trainees havent said anything, but the righteous passersby have stood up for them.

The rules clearly state that those who are not willing to enter the team can reject the mentor.

I see that they are quite willing to enter Shi Xis team.]

[Those who know say that the trainees have entered the Original Team.

Those who dont know would think that the mentor is doing the original!]

Shi Xis fans had trained their hearts of steel after so many battles.

What passersby, what righteous speech

They were all trash who hid behind the keyboard to vent their malicious intent.

When they spoke with them on the line, they felt that their accounts were dirty.


However, the haters did not care.

They insisted that Shi Xi was not qualified to be a coach and requested the program team to let Shi Xi withdraw from the competition.

The program team directly pretended not to see it.

The program team didnt care about the haters comments.

They only looked at the clicks backstage and the sponsors investments.

Many sponsors had come to Shi Xi, wanting to get Shi Xi to endorse and promote the show.

They didnt see that because of Shi Xis promotion, the number of downloads ofWorld of Martial Arts Dream had reached a record high in a single day.

The monthly paid amount had reached its peak, and the promotional videos had been broadcasted over ten million times.

The number of broadcasts on the internet was also high.

‘World of Martial Arts Dream was already planning an international edition!

Whether Shi Xi was popular or not, people like them knew much better than the internet trolls.

Han Chuan received calls from sponsors every day.

They all wanted Shi Xi to endorse and promote things.


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