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“Before you came, why didnt you give me a call Ill send someone to pick you up.” Shi Xi poured water for the two of them and asked tentatively, “How did you find this place”

They were in Yanjing, but they had come all the way here to deliver hairy crabs to her.

No matter how she thought about it, it felt very strange!

Moreover, Father Ning also had a small clinic.

Although it was only a small clinic, the long journey back and forth also delayed him from treating others.

After sitting down, Father Ning said, “A man told us that you were bullied here and asked us to come and see you.

He didnt let us make a call and said that we should come directly to you, so we followed him here.”

Mother Ning said with some self-reproach, “It was your father who told me to call you in advance, but I was afraid that you would report the good news but not the bad, so I didnt ask him to call you.”

“Now that we see that you are doing well, we are relieved.

We will definitely tell you before we come to see you next time!”

The Ning couple had been worried at the beginning, but now they had become self-reproachful, afraid that they would bring trouble to Shi Xi.

“Its okay.

If you miss me, give me a call.

Ill go see you.

Youre too far away.” Shi Xi smiled.

“Its been too long since I went back to see you.

When my work here is over, Ill go back to the village and stay for a few days.

Mom can cook some chicken stewed with mushrooms for me.”

“Okay,” Mother Ning said happily.

“The next time you go home, the jujube tree at the door will be able to pick the jujubes.

Ill pick the jujubes for you to eat.”

Shi Xi said, “By the way, did you send Sister Ning Yu crabs”

“Yes, we did.

Before we came, we brought two baskets for Ning Yu.”

Two baskets for Ning Yu and four baskets for her.

‘Sob, sob, sob, my parents are so nice!

Shi Xi looked at the time and said, “You guys rest here for a while.

Im going to the practice room to take a look.

Youre not allowed to leave.

Wait for me to have lunch with you at noon.

Ill send you back at night.”

After Shi Xi left, the Ning couple sat in the cafeteria for a while.

They couldnt sit still and went to the back to help with the hairy crabs.

Shi Xi returned to the practice room to take a look at their progress.

The progress of the two Original Teams was fast and furious.

The Original Song Team had already composed the song and filled in the lyrics, and they were singing.

The Original Dance Team was also in the middle of rehearsals.

Although Shi Xi didnt have much experience in duet dancing, she wasnt ashamed to ask.

She often pulled other teachers to teach her team trainees.

Although the rules said that the mentors would lead different groups in a PK, it wasnt actually so detailed.

The teachers would try to take care of the trainees of other groups.

In addition to the teachers, the program group also had some behind-the-scenes teachers to help.

Similarly, other teams would pull Shi Xi to look at their arrangement and ask her to point out the problem for them.

Although Shi Xi wasnt a singing and dancing coach, she was a young girl.

And the audience for this program was young women, so these trainees still cared about Shi Xis opinion.

From the first group to the last group, Shi Xi looked at their progress for the day one by one and put forward her own suggestions for improvement.

Then, she invited everyone to eat on time.

“There are hairy crabs today.

If were late, there wont be any left!”

Once these words were said, the trainees became restless.

One by one, they rushed to the canteen.

One had to know that the food in the canteen was very ordinary.

Moreover, they were trainees.

They had to control their diet and not eat too much every day.

Now that they finally had an extra meal, of course, they had to be the first to eat!


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