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The assistant said, “This watch doesnt have the same model for women.”

Xie Yunzhou said, “Then go and order a similar one.”

The assistant said, “…Okay.”


On the other side, after breakfast, Shi Xi got into the car that led to the recording session.

She looked at Xie Yunzhous watch not because she liked it, but because the birthday present she had wanted to buy for Xie Yunzhou was a watch.

But she didnt expect Xie Yunzhou to have such good taste.

The watch he was wearing was so beautiful.

Would he not like the watch she bought

Fortunately, she didnt buy it, so she had time to choose another birthday present.

But seeing that Xie Yunzhous birthday was coming up, what should she give him

As Shi Xi was thinking, she had already arrived outside the recording studio.

After getting out of the car, Shi Xi was about to walk in when she saw two familiar faces from the corner of her eyes.

Werent these her biological parents from Longquan Village

Why were they here

When the Ning couple saw Shi Xi, they didnt dare to come forward to recognize her.

After all, Shi Xi still had pink hair.

Shi Xi stepped forward and asked, “Why are you here Are you looking for me”

The Ning couple took a step back.

Both of them were carrying something in their hands, afraid that they would dirty Shi Xis clothes.

“Xi Xi, we heard that you were bullied, so we came here to see you.

We also brought you some local specialties.” Mother Ning sized up Shi Xi.

She asked, “How are you doing here Did they bully you Are you full Can you sleep well”

A series of questions confused Shi Xi.

“Im doing very well.

No one bullied me… Why would you think that”

As she spoke, Shi Xi looked around and asked in a low voice, “Who told you that I was bullied”

The Ning couples entertainment life in the village was limited.

They did not know how to use Weibo, nor did they know how to read entertainment forums.

They did not even pay attention to entertainment news.

And in the village, not many people knew that Shi Xi was their biological daughter.

No one would gossip about her.

Shi Xi frowned.

She felt that there must be some nosy paparazzi disturbing the Ning couple, which was why the two of them came to find her.

“Its not a place to talk outside.

Come in first.” Shi Xi led the way and invited the two of them into the recording location.

The Ning couple rushed over, their bamboo basket still wet.

Seeing the shiny floor inside, they were a little embarrassed.

“We wont go in.

Take this back and eat it.”

Shi Xi was a little confused when she saw the bamboo basket.

She asked casually, “Whats inside”

Father Ning smiled honestly and said, “This is a hairy crab raised by our Longquan Village.

Its very delicious!”

Shi Xi: “”

Looking at such a big basket, there were more than ten or twenty hairy crabs!

Shi Xi said, “Lets go in from below and go straight to the canteen.

Well cook crabs for lunch.

You guys stay here for lunch too.

Lets eat together.”

The Ning couple did not want to disturb Shi Xi at first, but seeing Shi Xis firm attitude and their concern for their daughter, they agreed.

The program team had a canteen.

After Shi Xi informed the program team, she brought the Ning couple to the canteen.

The Ning couple each carried two bamboo baskets.

Nearly a hundred hairy crabs were tightly bundled together, and they were all alive.

Shi Xi waved her hand and simply treated these as extra food.

She let the canteen staff handle them and everyone ate together for lunch.

After handing the ingredients to the canteen staff, Shi Xi pulled the Ning couple to sit down in the canteen and continued to chat.


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