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When the Ning couple saw Shi Xi, they wanted to step forward to recognize their daughter.

However, Shi Xi only pushed them away in disgust.

“Stay away from me! You are not my parents! My name is Shi Xi! I am the daughter of the Shi family!”

“Where are the security guards Quickly chase these two out!”

When the security guards heard the commotion, they rushed over.

Shi Xi was behind the security guards.

She asked the security guards to chase the two out and desperately said that she did not know them.

However, the Ning couple said that Shi Xi was their daughter.

The security guards were in a dilemma.

At this moment, a group of reporters suddenly rushed out to interview Shi Xi.

They asked her if she did not want to acknowledge her parents because she hated the poor and loved the rich.

When Shi Xi saw so many reporters, she instantly panicked.

She could not answer the reporters questions at all.

When the Ning couple saw that it was being made difficult for Shi Xi, they immediately shielded Shi Xi behind them.

This made her parents seem even more great.

All of this was recorded by the camera and quickly posted online.

Instantly, the malicious intent toward Shi Xi was endless on the internet.

[I didnt expect Shi Xi to be such a person.

Im really blind to still think that Shi Xi is good!]

[Shes always hyping up the image of a fair, rich, and beautiful person.

It turns out that she hates the poor and loves the rich so much.

Unfortunately, a pheasant is just a pheasant and will never become a phoenix.]

[Shes always so pretentious, and she with marketing does she look beautiful.

Her acting skills arent good, her EQ isnt good, and she cant sing or dance well.

What else can she do other than buy hot searches]

The sky and earth were filled with negative comments directed at Shi Xi.

There were even people who sent private messages to Shi Xi, telling her to get out of the entertainment industry and to go to h*ll.

The program teams that worked with Shi Xi all proposed to terminate the contract and demanded that Shi Xi compensate them for the loss of the contract.

Under such circumstances, no one was willing to work with Shi Xi anymore.

The entertainment industry had completely banned Shi Xi.


The alarm clock rang.

Shi Xi sat up from her bed and felt as if she was dreaming.

But after she woke up, she forgot about the scene in her dream.

Shi Xi couldnt remember, so she stopped thinking and prepared to get up to record todays program.

Although the two teams didnt need her, Shi Xi felt that she didnt have a good conscience when it came to getting paid for this job, so she still went to work on time every day.

Even if she treated the group trainees to a cup of milk tea and fried chicken, she could still be considered to have made a small contribution as a teacher.

During breakfast time, Shi Xi opened the door and saw Xie Yunzhou, the big shot villain, outside the door.

He was indeed a big shot villain.

His temperament was cold and outstanding, and his figure was as straight as a bamboo.

Even though he was holding the breakfast in his hand, it could not hide the sharpness on his body.

Shi Xi had already gotten used to eating breakfast with Xie Yunzhou.

Thanks to Xie Yunzhous assistant, she had developed a good habit of getting up early to eat breakfast, and her stomach was much better than before.

However, Xie Yunzhou had been really busy recently.

She often came back from recording, but Xie Yunzhous meetings were not over yet.

As expected, the CEO was busier than a celebrity But according to those CEO novels, the male protagonist of the CEO did nothing but fall in love!

While eating breakfast, Shi Xi stared at Xie Yunzhous wrist.

Xie Yunzhou followed Shi Xis gaze and asked, “Whats wrong”

“Nothing, your watch is very nice.” Shi Xi asked again, “Didnt you always wear a sandalwood bracelet”

“The string of the sandalwood bracelet is a little worn.

I asked my assistant to change it.”

Shi Xi was deep in thought.

She lowered her head and continued to eat breakfast.

Xie Yunzhou looked at Shi Xis expression and thought that she liked his watch.

After he left the house, he asked his assistant to buy the same type of ladies watch as his.



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