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[It must be an act! The real daughter must have been blackmailed to post such a Weibo Post!]

[The real daughter is so miserable… Ning Yu, dont be afraid.

We are all standing behind you.

The eldest daughter of a wealthy family is the eldest daughter of a wealthy family.

A pheasant can never become a phoenix.]

This comment was very honored to be replied by Ning Yu: [You are the beast, I am a human.]

[Im dying of laughter, Ning Yu is so domineering.]

[The real daughter doesnt seem to care about these things at all, never selling her misery.]

[Ning Yu is the top scorer of science in Feng City, and has already been accepted by Yanjing University.

To Ning Yu, it doesnt matter whether she entered a rich family or not.

She completely relies on her own efforts to obtain everything she wants.

Furthermore, the rich family is very rich.

Raising another daughter is not a problem at all.

The netizens are just eating salt and worrying about nothing.]

[Shi Xi didnt do anything at all, right Shes also a victim.]

[She was pampered by the rich family for 18 years.

Is she still a victim like this Then I really want to be a victim too.]


The comments on the internet were getting higher and higher, but these did not affect Shi Xi and Ning Yus mood.

Ning Yu rarely looked at Weibo.

It was only when she logged into the game and saw that there were people in the world talking about this matter that she stood up and spoke up for Shi Xi.

In Ning Yus eyes, Shi Xi was just a silly and sweet girl with a bad brain.

She was also the type to be bullied when she entered the entertainment industry.

The Shi familys wealth was huge, but most of it would be inherited by the eldest son, Shi Xu.

Only a small portion of it would be given to Shi Xi.

Ning Yu did not care about the money.

She could totally rely on her own hard work to earn money.

If it werent for her blood ties, she would not have come back here.

And from Shi Xis point of view, everything she had now belonged to Ning Yu.

Only the entertainment industry that she was working hard in now belonged to her.

Seeing Ning Yu stand up for her, Shi Xi was so excited that she gave Ning Yu a call.

As expected of the female lead!

Shi Xi really gave her a call.

She gave Ning Yu a call to thank her.

“Is there anything else If theres nothing else, Ill hang up.” Ning Yu was still as cold and indifferent as ever.

She was unapproachable.

Shi Xi: “Theres nothing else.

I wish Sister a happy day.”

Her tone was like that of a salesperson.


There were still people on the internet who wanted to use the real and fake daughters as an excuse, but as the two people at the center of the topic, they did not care about this at all.

Some people suspected that the Ning couple had secretly swapped children and wanted to get the law to punish the two of them.

However, when the Shi family was investigating, they had already found out that the incident back then was indeed a mistake.

The two girls who were born that day were placed together to take a bath.

The management of the small hospital 18 years ago was average.

The doctor who delivered the babies had already passed away, and the nurse had already changed her profession after she married out of town.

She did not have a deep memory of the incident 18 years ago.

The matter of the children being switched at the wrong time was eventually settled.

The Shi familys parents had also suspected the Ning couple.

However, when they were investigating the two of them, they discovered that the Ning couple really doted on Ning Yu.

They gave her whatever she asked for and treated Ning Yu as if she were their own daughter.

Seeing that they had raised Ning Yu so well, the Shi family no longer pursued the matter and treated it as if they had an extra daughter.

Public opinion could not stir up any more waves.

But even so, there were still people who sneakily went to Lonqguan Village and found the Ning couple.


The Ning parents carried carefully prepared local specialties and, under the guidance of the reporters, waited at the place that Shi Xi had to pass every day when she went to work to record.

When Shi Xi went to work to record, she saw the Ning couple covered in mud, and her face was filled with disgust.

“What are you doing here”


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