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After the trainees were divided into teams, each team was immediately assigned a practice room and began to learn new programs.

Shi Xi had the team write the melodies that they knew how to arrange, and the ones that didnt know how to arrange, they would write the lyrics.

The more they wrote, the better.

Finally, she had to choose from among them.

Pei Jies dance was already strong to begin with.

He and another person were strong, so they worked together to choreograph the dance and strive to finish the choreography before Wednesday.

The two teams that were not part of the production teams script were unusually united.

Shi Xi looked around and realized that she was of no use at all.

She could neither arrange music nor choreograph.

‘Forget it, lets get off work.

Shi Xi stayed in the practice room for two hours.

When she realized that she only had the wordsuperfluous, she left work with tears in her eyes.

When she got off work, Shi Xi walked past other practice rooms.

When she heard the voices coming from inside, she could not help but sigh:

The popularity mentor was the most carefree!


After the second episode of [Star Idol] was broadcast, Shi Xis popularity rose to another level, and many passersby fell into the pit.

As Shi Xi became more famous, someone dug out Shi Xisreal identity.

On Douban Forum, a post appeared out of nowhere:

[[818] Popularity mentor Shi Xi is a fake daughter! The real and fake daughter drama is actually by my side]

[Shi Xi had always been marketing herself as a fair, rich, and beautiful lady.

Her Weibo is filled with branded clothes and bags.]

[But last month, the Shi family discovered that Shi Xi was not their biological daughter.]

[Shi Xi was originally the daughter of a poor couple in Longquan Village.

She was the real fake daughter, but she had enjoyed the life of a rich family for 18 years.]

[As for the real daughter, she was raised in poverty for 18 years and only recently returned to the Shi family!]

The post was filled with shock.

[What the f*ck, such a drama Didnt Shi Xi steal someone elses life]

[Isnt it already known to everyone The rich lady gave birth on her way to visit her relatives, and the child was stolen.

The fake daughter occupied the magpies nest for 18 years, and now shes brazenly coming out to get money.

The real daughter has suffered for 18 years.]

[Isnt Shi Xi too shameless The fake daughter is even marketing her own image of a fair, rich, and beautiful person.]

[Shi Xis parents are the most vicious, right They sent their daughter to a rich family, causing the real daughter to suffer since she was young.]

[The rich are so miserable.

Theyve been raising others children for 18 years.]

[Child thief!]

For a time, the discussion about Shi Xi on the Internet became more and more intense.

The #Shi Xi Fake Daughter# was trending, dropping from the sky to suppress all the topics on the entertainment rankings.

As more people exposed the news, there were even people who dug up Ning Yus identity.

[The real daughters name is Ning Yu.

She is the top scorer in science in Feng City.

Although she was born poor, her studies are excellent.]

[The real daughter is too inspirational! Indeed, excellent genes are excellent wherever they go.]

[Dragons give birth to dragons and phoenixes give birth to phoenixes.

A true daughter is a phoenix.

Even if she was born in a rat hole, she would still be a phoenix.

No matter how much Shi Xi received education from a wealthy family, she would not be able to make it to the top.]


A real case of a life-changing incident had appeared.

Everyone was talking about it with relish.

They were all fighting for justice for the true daughter, Ning Yu.

They wanted Shi Xi to return herstolen life back.

When such a big piece of news came out, Shi Xis fans were all panicking.

They liked Shi Xi, but from the looks of it, Shi Xi had indeed stolen someone elses life!

Just as the public was fighting for the real daughter, Ning Yu appeared.

@Ning Yu: [Please follow Shi Xis new drama.

Dont follow me too much.

Thank you.]

Comments: []

[This is Ning Yu The real daughter]

[The real daughter What does that mean Posting Weibo to support Shi Xi]

[Its hilarious.

Even if their lives have been switched by mistake, what do the two girls know Its a sister post.

Do they need the netizens to be the middleman]


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