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Li Jinfan smiled and said to Zheng Feicai, “Teacher Zheng, please give me more guidance in the future.”

Zheng Feicai heaved a sigh of relief.

Shi Xi knew that the trainees in Class A were all very good, so she chose a single one from Class B.

He was a singer-songwriter, and when he heard that Shi Xi was leading the Original Team, he looked eagerly at Shi Xi.

Under such a burning gaze, Shi Xi chose him.

The Original Team needed such talent.

After two rounds of teacher selection, almost all the members of Class A were chosen.

Only Pei Jie was not chosen.

Pei Jie had initially wanted to join the group of Shuo Nan or Shen Hanquan, but in the final round, he just wanted to be chosen by a teacher.

No matter which teacher, just choose him.

However, the teachers would rather choose someone from Class B than him.

Out of all the trainees, he was the only trainee from Class A who had not been chosen yet.

After three rounds, almost all the teachers had chosen the C spot to lead the team.

Only Shi Xi would choose the last C spot to lead the team.

Pei Jie lowered his eyes.

He had no relationship with Shi Xi.

When he was in the dance studio, he had been so rude to Shi Xi.

As expected, the dance teacher was right.

In the future, he would have to mingle in the entertainment industry.

Having more friends would give him more opportunities.

Had he been on good terms with Shi Xi back then, he would not have fallen to such a state now.

The other trainees were also paying attention to the last spot for the C spot to lead the team.

Shi Xi was leading two Original Teams.

One had to write and sing, while the other had to choreograph the dance.

Pei Jies dance was very good, but Class B had a trainee who had been a choreographer teacher.

The trainees held their breaths, waiting for Shi Xis choice.

Even the instructors were staring at Shi Xi, waiting to see who she would choose.

Shi Xi was also in a dilemma.

She had already planned to choose the choreographer teacher from Class B.

However, Shi Xi did not expect that Pei Jie would not be chosen by anyone else.

Could it be that Pei Jie, who had been in Class A twice, was still the scattered cannon fodder

Pei Jies dancing was indeed very strong.

His performance on the stage was smooth and unrestrained.

To be fair, he was also very handsome.

If he was in the center, the chances of the team winning would be very high.

Shi Xi had not intended to snatch any trainees from Class A, but when she realized that they had missed one, her eyes lit up.

If that was the case, then she would not stand on ceremony!

“Pei Jie, are you willing to join my group” Shi Xi smiled faintly.

Pei Jie was stunned for a moment when he heard his name.

The trainee next to Pei Jie saw that he was not replying, so he hurriedly pushed him away.

“Hurry up and go! Hurry up and say youre willing!!”

Pei Jie looked up.

The girls smile was light, and her eyes were bright.

“I, Im willing.”

Pei Jie suppressed the excitement in his heart and strode over.

Did he once again judge a gentleman by his petty heart

Seeing that Shi Xi had chosen Pei Jie, Shuo Nan also heaved a sigh of relief and continued with his selection.

After that was the selection of teammates.

Shi Xi had originally thought that the choreographer from Class B would go to the other teachers team.

She had not expected him to be willing to join her team.

She was moved.

Although Shi Xi had recruited a few talented people, everyone was still more willing to be the other teachers subordinates.

After all, even though Shi Xi was a mentor, her stage experience was almost zero.

It was safer to work under other mentors.

Moreover, originality represented the unknown and challenges.

It was far from having any known insurance.

After grouping, Shen Hanquan said, “The first public performance will be held this Saturday.

It will be broadcasted live.

All trainees, please prepare well!”

There were only five days of practice time.

This was even more bad news for the Original Team.


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