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Seeing that the system was lying flat, Shi Xi decided to lie down as well.

“Lets take it one step at a time.

Theres a high chance that Xie Yunzhou wont throw me into the river and feed me to the fish.”

System: […]

One person at a time, willing to be a salted fish.

There was a knock on the door.

Shi Xi got up to open the door and realized that it was Xie Yunzhous assistant.

“Hello Whats the matter” Shi Xi asked softly.

The assistant smiled and said, “Hello, Miss Shi.

When I went to the cake shop, I thought that Miss Shi might like to eat cake, so I bought one for you.”

When Shi Xi saw the chocolate cake in the assistants hand, her eyes lit up.

“Youre too polite.

Thank you.”

“No need to thank me.” The assistant hinted, “President Xies birthday is coming up soon.

Im going to order a birthday cake for President Xie.”

“Xie Yunzhous birthday” Shi Xi asked, “When”

Seeing that Shi Xi took the initiative to ask, the assistant hurriedly said, “Its next weekend.

Is Miss Shi free”

Shi Xi thought that she and Xie Yunzhou could be considered friends, so she said, “I should be free.

Where is Xie Yunzhou going to hold his birthday party”

“President Xie is holding an international meeting that day.

He will only invite a few friends to celebrate his birthday,” the assistant said.

“Next weekend, at 7 p.m, Marriott Revolving Restaurant.

Please be sure to come.”

Shi Xi nodded.

“Okay, I got it.”

After the assistants task was completed, he made a mental note to himself.

This years year-end bonus would definitely double!


After sending the assistant away, Shi Xi lay back on her bed, thinking about what gift she should give Xie Yunzhou.

The big shot villain was rich and powerful, and he didnt lack anything.

What could she give him

Shi Xi searched: [What should I give a male friend as a birthday gift]

Answer: Give yourself to him.

Shi Xi: “”

A male friend isnt a boyfriend!

Shi Xi scrolled down and found that all the gifts were for boyfriends.

‘Forget it, Ill think about it myself.

Shi Xi had a lot of money now, so she could afford to give him more expensive gifts.


After the second episode of [Star Idol] was broadcast, it attracted waves of heated discussions.

The recording of the third episode was also in the midst of intense preparations.

This time, it was time to step onto the stage and prepare for the first public performance.

“The first public performance will be divided into 14 groups.

Each group will be led by a mentor and will compete with other groups.”

“The victorious group members will each receive 10,000 additional votes! The most popular member in the group will receive an additional 50,000 votes!”

Hearing Shen Hanquans introduction, all the trainees present were restless.

Additional votes!

This was the most affordable reward!

To the top few, 10,000 votes were nothing.

But to the middle-ranked contestants, sometimes they were only a few hundred votes away from advancing to the next round.

And if they got first place in the group, they could get an additional 50,000 votes!

Who wouldnt be tempted

Instantly, the eyes of the trainees shone brightly.

Shen Hanquan smiled and continued, “The rules of this group are as follows:”

“The instructor will select the suitable C-seat leader for the songs in Class A and Class B.

The chosen C-seat leader will choose his own teammate among the remaining trainees.”

“If a trainee is chosen by more than one person, then they will enter the selection phase.”

“There are 14 songs in total.

Please finish watching the clips of these songs first.”

The big screen lit up and played one practice room clip after another.

Every trainee was staring at the screen, not missing a single detail.

Shi Xi watched as they passionately discussed what song they were going to choose.

She thought to herself,Dont you have some self-awareness You want to choose vocal when youre out of tune Do you want to join a dance group if your limbs are out of tune Do you want to sing rap if they say no votes in Mandarin


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