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Sheng Yans expression did not look too good.

“The person Im engaged to has always been Shi Xi.

Now youre saying that you want to change the person”

“Im just clarifying the truth.” Shi Xu smiled faintly.

His smile was gentle, as if there was not a hint of aggression in it.

He was really an old fox.

Sheng Yan took a deep breath to calm himself down and said, “Ill say it again.

My fiancée is only Shi Xi.”

“Whether its postponing the engagement party or canceling the engagement, I will only talk to Shi Xi.”

Seeing that Sheng Yan was so stubborn, Shi Xu sighed in his heart and had no choice but to change the topic.

He didnt expect that Sheng Yan was even more stubborn than he had imagined.

However, he had already promised Xie Yunzhou to postpone the engagement party.

After returning home, Shi Xu called Shi Xi and repeated Sheng Yans words.

“Huh Sheng Yan wants to talk to me” Shi Xi was puzzled.

“Whats there to talk about”

Hadnt Sheng Yan always disliked her

Shi Xu: “He said that no matter if its delaying the engagement party or canceling the engagement, hell only talk to you.”

Shi Xi sat up from the bed with a puzzled look in her eyes.

“Why Didnt he find me annoying in the past and wasnt willing to see me”


Shi Xi wasnt sure about the timing.

“Do you want to talk to him” Shi Xu asked.

“But I cant go back recently.

Im busy with the recording.” Shi Xi looked at her schedule and said, “Have you sent out the invitations for the engagement party”

“Not yet, but the two families have already made a big fuss about preparing for the engagement party.” Shi Xi added, “Theyve even chosen the venue.”

Shi Xi scratched her head.

“Are there any birthdays recently Why dont we give up the venue”

Shi Xi: “…No.”

“Forget it.

Ill give Sheng Yan a call first and ask him what hes thinking.” Shi Xi could not figure it out, so she could only go straight to the point.

After hanging up the phone, Shi Xi called Sheng Yan.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, she asked, “I heard from my brother that you dont want to postpone the engagement banquet”

Hearing the girls question, Sheng Yan was a little displeased.

“If you say that the engagement party is going to be postponed, then its going to be very embarrassing for me.”

Shi Xi said, “How about this, you say that its going to be later.”

Sheng Yan: “”

Youre really a smart kid!

“Why do you suddenly want to postpone the engagement party” Sheng Yan held his phone and asked in a low voice.

Didnt she like him a lot in the past

Sheng Yan felt his heart suffocate.

‘Because you are the male lead, and I am only the female supporting role!

‘Just like birds and fish, we will never have an ending.

Shi Xi thought so in her heart, but she couldnt say it out loud.

She could only say, “If you dont postpone the engagement party, will you marry me”

‘Shouldnt you like Ning Yu!

Sheng Yan didnt answer, but said, “I will consider the matter of the engagement party again.”

Shi Xi: “”

What else are you thinking about

However, Sheng Yan had already hung up the phone, not giving Shi Xi the chance to ask any questions.

Shi Xi looked at her phone and asked the system, “Shouldnt Sheng Yan like Ning Yu Shouldnt he be very eager to break off the engagement with me Why isnt he even willing to postpone the engagement party now”

The system: [If you say the engagement is going to be arranged, then the engagement is going to be arranged.

If you say its going to be postponed, then its going to be postponed.

Sheng Yan is a human being, so of course he will be angry!]

Shi Xi put herself into Sheng Yans shoes and fell into deep thought.

What her family did didnt seem too kind.

“Then, then do I really have to get engaged to Sheng Yan” Shi Xi looked conflicted.

System: […I dont know, lets take it one step at a time.

The worlds storyline hasnt collapsed yet.

Lets talk about it after it collapses.]

The system was already lying flat on the ground.


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