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When Shuo Nan saw the release of the second episode, he clicked in to take a look at the contents of this episode.

When he saw the video of Shi Xi teaching, Shuo Nan was shocked.

He had always thought that Shi Xi was just a vase.

He did not expect her to really know how to dance the theme song!

The girl in the video was teaching seriously.

Every movement was taught in different ways.

She was even more patient than the dance teachers, and her movements were as standard as a textbook.

After watching the video, Shuo Nan couldnt help but watch it again, trying to find Shi Xis mistakes.


There was actually no mistake at all!

After watching the main video, Shuo Nan saw the recommended video at the back: [S*xy Beauty, Online Teaching]

Seeing Shi Xi on the cover, Shuo Nan clicked on this video.

He thought it was some strange video, but he didnt expect it to be a serious teaching video.

Shuo Nan: I made a mistake.

Shi Xis teaching video was a video of her teaching the theme song of Class F.

It was a video that explained everything in detail.

The girls voice was sweet, but her movements were standard and powerful.

Every time she danced, her long pink hair would curve beautifully.

Her movements were graceful and elegant.

It was really beautiful.

When Shuo Nan saw the girl in the video, his heart couldnt help but beat faster.

Then, he got angry.

She was clearly such a good dancer.

Why did she pretend that she didnt know how to dance!

Looking at Shi Xis movements, it was obvious that she had the foundation to dance!

Shuo Nan didnt reflect on himself.

He didnt give Shi Xi the chance to explain, nor did he try to find out if Shi Xi knew how to dance the theme song.

When he thought back, he realized that his understanding of Shi Xi was only superficial.

She was a beautiful vase, was good-looking, had a nice voice, and had a personality that hid needles.

As for what Shi Xi was good at and what she had learned, he actually did not know anything about it.


Shi Xu invited Sheng Yan out and chatted with him for a while.

Finally, they got to the main point.

“Youre still young.

Why are you in such a hurry to get engaged” Shi Xu smiled and dug a hole for Sheng Yan.

Sheng Yans eyes were indifferent.

“Brother Xu, if you want to talk about postponing the engagement party, then dont talk about it.”

Shi Xu leaned against the back of the sofa.

The smile on his face was still gentle, but his words were straightforward and sharp.

“Your attitude toward Xi Xi didnt seem like you liked Xi Xi and wanted to marry her.”

Sheng Yan was deep in thought.

He reflected on his actions and asked, “Did I”

Shi Xu: “…Youre asking me whats on your mind”

Sheng Yan coughed and said, “Thats also between me and Shi Xi.

If you want to postpone the engagement banquet, let Shi Xi talk to me.”

Shi Xu was silent as he stared at Sheng Yan.

Did this guy really like Xi Xi

Sheng Yan smiled.

“Brother Xu, do you have any other advice”

Shi Xu shook his head.

“Regarding the matter of postponing the engagement banquet, Ill get Xi Xi to communicate with you.”

This time, it was Sheng Yans turn to be silent.

He knew that Shi Xi had always liked him, but some time ago, Shi Xi seemed to have changed into a different person, avoiding him as much as possible.

In the past, Shi Xi had sent him messages almost every day.

But now, he and Shi Xi had not chatted for a long time.

Could it be that Shi Xi had fallen in love with someone else

Sheng Yans thoughts were all over the place, and Shi Xus thoughts were also full of twists and turns.

How could he break through if his sister was too likable

Wait a minute, sister

Shi Xu suddenly remembered that he had another sister: Ning Yu.

“Back then, our two families had indeed agreed on a marriage contract.” Shi Xu suddenly smiled.

“However, as you know, Xi Xi is not my biological sister, but Ning Yu is.

From the looks of it, the one who has a marriage contract with you should be Ning Yu.”


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