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Moreover, this hot search seemed to be really bought for Li Jinfan.

She just took advantage of the heat.


Shi Xi ignored it as usual, allowing the haters to give the heat.

After another two days, the second episode (2) of [Star Idol] was broadcast.

Before the fans clicked on it, they all prayed in their hearts that the program team would not maliciously edit their own little idol.

This time, the program team finally became a person.

At the beginning, they simply and roughly played the music video of the theme song.

Everyone was even more surprised!

The C spot was actually Li Jinfan!

That Class Fs Li Jinfan!

Wasnt his singing and dancing useless!

The program had just aired, and the topic of #Li Jinfans Theme Song C Spot# quickly became a hot topic.

Other than Li Jinfans fans, everyone else felt that he didnt deserve this C spot.

However, the coaches and fans didnt mind these things.

They only cared about the scenes of their own artistes and whether or not they had been badly edited.

Ji Yin directly skipped the music video and started watching the main video.

From the start of the main video, the Class F trainees tried to dance to the theme song.

There was only one way to describe it: dance of the demons.

And in the middle of this, Li Jinfan insisted on jumping.

His expression management was excellent, and he was praised by Shi Xi.

After that, it was time for Shi Xi to break down the movements and teach Class F step by step.

Bullet comments: [D*mn, Shi Xis teaching is so meticulous!]

[I think I know how do it too now.]

[Shi Xis movements are so standard.

She really knows how to jump, right]

[The teachers should have learned this theme song.

Otherwise, Shi Xi wouldnt have come to teach them.]

[This theme song isnt difficult.

Shi Xi is a teacher.

She must have learned it in advance and then taught the trainees.

Its all part of the script.

Disperse, disperse.]

When the netizens saw that Shi Xi really knew how to dance, they were all dumbfounded.

They had thought that Shi Xi was just a pretty face, but they didnt expect her to really have some skill!

This was too… too surprising!

The most exhilarated ones were none other than Shi Xis fans.

[Where are those haters who said that Shi Xi cant dance Haha, your Sister Xi is at the level of teaching trainees!]


Theres no need to doubt the program teams judgment in choosing a teacher, right Without some skill, how can she be a teacher]

[Shi Xi has already learned dance before.

The white, rich, and beautiful school beauty, the top student, could it be that no one knows about it]

[Looking at Shi Xis previous Weibo, I can tell that shes a rich young lady.

This kind of simple dance is so easy for her.]

[Can I say it I feel that Shi Xis dance of the theme song is much better than the dance of the trainees.]

[I beg the program team to release the footage of Shi Xis teaching! I want to learn!!]

[I beg you!]

There were too many requests for the footage on the bullet screen, and they even went to the official Weibo.

After the program team considered it, they left a message on Weibo: [As long as the bullet screen reaches 50,000, it will be able to unlock Teacher Shi Xis teaching video!]

The netizens and fans returned to the second episodes video one after another and started to send bullet screens crazily.

Ten minutes later, the bullet screen had already reached 50,000.

[Its 50,000! Hurry up and release Xi Xis teaching video!]

[Get up and get to work in the post!]

[Its 60,000.

I advise you to take care of yourselves.]

Program team: D*mn, how many hands do you have Isnt it too fast

Official Weibo: [We are editing it.

We have already informed the editor to work overtime.]

After another hour, the video of #Shi Xis Theme Song# was finally edited and released.

The program team even deliberately gave the video an eye-catching title:

[S*xy Beauty, Online Teaching]

Ten minutes after it was released, the video had been reposted more than 100,000 times.

This was much more than the video of the trainees.

A beauty teaching was terrifying.


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