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The cannon fodder girl looked at Shi Xi, then at Ning Yu, and then at Shi Xi.

“Shes your sister”

Shi Xi gave a vague introduction.

“Yes, shes my parents biological daughter, Ning Yu.

This is my friend, Tao Yuxuan.”

The cannon fodder girls name was Tao Yuxuan.

Her family sold electrical appliances and had a little money in Feng City.

Tao Yuxuan sized up Ning Yu and said in a mysterious tone, “So, youre the Ning Yu who flew up to become a phoenix.”

Shi Xi corrected her, “Even if she doesnt fly, shes still a phoenix.

Dont look for trouble with her.”

Shi Xi was kind enough to advise the original owner, this friend of the cannon fodder.

What good ending could there be if she went against the female protagonist

Tao Yuxuan felt even more heartache for Shi Xi.

“Did the Shi Family spoil her and stop doting on you after she came back”

Shi Xi: “”

Tao Yuxuan gritted her teeth and said, “I heard that you were chased out of the Shi Family the moment she came back! Yesterday, you were even trending on the Internet.

Did she get someone to do it”

“What are you thinking about” Shi Xi felt a headache coming on.

She pulled Tao Yuxuan and said, “Stop talking.”

Ning Yu saw the two of them exchanging words and could not be bothered with them.

She walked away.

The shop assistant had already wrapped up the clothes and handed them to Shi Xi.

Shi Xi took back her phone.

“Give her the clothes.”

Ning Yu said calmly, “You bought these.

I dont want them.”

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After saying that, she left the shop.

Tao Yuxuan became even angrier.

“What is she trying to pull! You were kind enough to buy her clothes, but she still doesnt want them Does she really think that shes a rich young lady”

Shi Xi had a headache.

What the h*ll was this


The female lead probably thought that she was up to no good and decided to play the good cop, bad cop with Tao Yuxuan.

“No matter what, shes still the daughter of the Shi Family, which means shes half my sister,” Shi Xi said sternly.

“Dont say such things in front of her in the future!”

Tao Yuxuan looked at Shi Xis expression and said in pain, “She stole your things, and youre still defending her! Youre just too kind, thats why youve been bullied all this time.”


Shi Xi: …I cant explain it.

She seemed to be even whiter than the original owner.

“Alright, alright.

Just dont look for her in the future.” Shi Xi looked at the time.

“Shall we continue shopping”

“Why are we still shopping Im not in the mood.” Tao Yuxuan said, “Ill call out all my friends.

Shall we go sing together”

Shi Xi: “No, I have an appointment tonight.”

Tao Yuxuan looked at the bag in Shi Xis hand and a knowing smile appeared on her face.

“Is it for Sheng Yan”

Shi Xi said, “No.”

Tao Yuxuan thought that she was shy and blinked.

“Aiya, since its a meal with Sheng Yan, I wont disturb you.

Make the most of it!”

Shi Xi said, “Then Ill be leaving first.”

Tao Yuxuan waved her hand.

“Bye bye.”

The shop assistant went forward hesitantly.

“Miss Shi, this dress…”

Shi Xi asked the shop assistant to pass the dress to Ning Yu, but Ning Yu did not accept it.

“Give it to me.” Shi Xi took the dress with a heavy heart.

Did she offend the female lead, or did she not offend the female lead

What was more serious was that she still had to go meet Xie Yunzhou.

When she thought of meeting the male lead Sheng Yans parents the next day, Shi Xis footsteps became heavy.

Was the plot so tight!

Shi Xi carried the paper bag and arrived at Qingshui Restaurant.

Xie Yunzhou had yet to arrive at Qingshui Restaurant, so Shi Xi ordered a few dishes according to her preferences and waited for someone.

Not long after, Xie Yunzhou arrived.

Shi Xi handed over the bag in her hand.

“This is for your clothes.”

Xie Yunzhou recalled how Shi Xi had dirtied his pants that day.

But why were there two bags

Shi Xi said embarrassedly, “Besides your pants, I also picked out a belt for you as an apology.”


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