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The main content of the second episode was the rehearsal of the theme song and the guidance of the teachers.

Among them, Shen Hanquan and Shuo Nan taught everyone dance while Zheng Feicai and Ai Yi taught vocal music.

Some of them performed well while others performed only average.

Ji Yin:Ill find Shi Xi at three times the speed!

At the last minute, Shi Xi finally appeared.

Bullet screen: [Progress bar, critical!]

[Ahhh, what plot can there be in a minute!]

Ji Yin took a deep breath and changed her triple speed back to the normal playback speed.


Shi Xi walked into Class F and said with a smile, “Hi, hows your practice going”

The trainees from Class F: “Were still dancing.”

When the girl heard this, her eyes were shallow, but she still maintained a faint smile.

She encouraged them, “Dance with the music first.

Ill see how much you guys know.”

The image on the screen froze.

The next second, a large [Next episode preview] was written on the screen.

In the next episode preview, Shi Xi led the Class F trainees to practice dancing.

Shuo Nan came to Class F and clapped.

“You danced very well.”

Li Jinfan said, “Its Sister Xi who taught us well.”

The next segment: Class As shuffle.

The theme songs C position is —

A few scenes of the trainees flashed past, laying the groundwork for the next episodes highlights.

Bullet comments:

[I dont lack this bit of traffic.

Continue playing it for me!]

[I dont care who is C at all.

I just want to see how Shi Xi taught them.]

[After waiting for a week, I didnt get anything.

I didnt get C, I didnt get the rating, and I didnt get Shi Xi teaching.

I was so angry that I cried.]

[Li Jinfan personally verified that Shi Xi taught well.

Theres no need to defame Shi Xis teaching anymore, right]

[Li Jinfan himself is the scum of Class Fs dancing.

What does he know]

[Theres no need to whitewash Shi Xi.

Shes already a singer and a dancer.

Shes a popularity teacher.

She just needs to obediently be a vase.]

Ji Yin saw the comments about Shi Xi on the bullet screen and suppressed her anger.

However, the content of this episode had almost nothing to do with Shi Xi.

The fans could only take a screenshot of beautiful pictures to console themselves.

However, just as the fans quieted down, Shi Xi went on the hot searches again.

#Li Jinfan Said That Shi Xi Taught Well#

Shi Xi only appeared for one minute.

However, someone took a screenshot of this one minute and uploaded it to Weibo.

The two fans were extremely harmonious in the comments section.

[Thank you for Teacher Shi Xis guidance.

Jinfan will get better and better!]

[Xi Xis girlfriend wishes Li Jinfan a handsome debut.]

One of them was a teacher, while the other was a trainee.

There was no conflict of interest between the two, so they were very harmonious.

Some of the cult CP fans started to pick up the scissors and edit their CP videos.

Xi Fan CP: Big Sis Teacher x Milk Dog Trainee.

It had to be said that handsome men and beautiful women were really pleasing to the eye.

Because this pair of cult CP was too unpopular, very few people noticed it.

And under the trending search, other than the mutual praise and blessings of the twos fans, there was also the ridicule of the anti-fans and passersby.

[Trash trash, so this is what singing and dancing are meant to be!]

[Li Jinfan has already entered Class F, and the program team even went to great lengths to buy him trending searches.

The script was thrown in my face.]

[Shi Xi is teaching Class F Haha, what a perfect match.

A trash teaching a bunch of trash.]

[I really hope that the routine of the talent show can be changed.

If he enters Class F, he will be directly eliminated.

A trainee who is both useless in singing and dancing is an existence that will hold back the team.]

When Shi Xi saw the comments in the trending topics, she fell into silence.

The eyes of this years fans were really sharp.

They could even see through Li Jinfans script.

But, Li Jinfans performance was really excellent ah!


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