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After opening the video, it was Shi Xis promotional video.

Hua Hengzhe said in surprise, “Brother! Come, come, come.

This is the female celebrity that I mentioned before.

She looks very much like Auntie! Do you think she looks good”

Hua Xuanhe took a look and frowned.

“How does this pink hair look like her”

“Im talking about her eyes.

Look at how similar her eyes are!” Hua Hengzhe argued.

Hua Xuanhe took a closer look and said, “It does look a little similar.”

“Shi Xi is really beautiful!” Hua Hengzhe rubbed his chin and watched the entire promotional video.

He said, “Brother, she looks so similar to Auntie.

Could she be Aunties relative”

“Aunties relative, wont she be our relative” Hua Xuanhe said disdainfully, “Stop playing games.

If you get cheated by online dating again, I wont lend you any money!”

“Brother! Youre my biological brother! Just lend me this one last time so that I can have Xueers new skin!” Hua Hengzhe cried.

“Go work to earn money.”


At the recording studio of [Star Idol].

Shi Xi returned to the meeting room and wanted to conduct a new evaluation of the trainees levels based on the theme song videos recorded by the trainees.

When Shuo Nan saw Shi Xi, he thought of the CP fans online.

He felt disgusted and avoided her.

He sat opposite Shi Xi, afraid that he would have anything to do with her.

After Shi Xi greeted everyone with a smile, she noticed that there was something unusual about Shuo Nan.

However, she raised her eyebrows slightly.

She was not on a 2G network, so she naturally knew what the comments on the Internet were about her.

Not to mention that she had a 5G friend, Tao Yuxuan.

The malicious intentions she had toward her at night, round after round, endless insults were reported, and endless scorn was washed away.

[Shi Xi can be a teacher No wonder this seasons talent show went cold.]

[No talent, no virtue.

The higher you praise, the harder you fall.]

[You clearly dont know how to dance, yet you still waste the trainees time.

Is such a person worthy of being a teacher]

Shi Xi: Not only can I be a mentor, but Im also an excellent mentor.

“Alright, lets start grading the trainees.”

The camera turned on, and Shen Hanquan started grading the theme song as per usual.

It was still the original big screen, but this time, it was playing the singing and dancing of each trainees theme song.

Listening to the first one, Shi Xis face was full of question marks.

His dancing was alright, but the tune had already reached the Himalayas.

There were some who sang well in the middle, but their dancing was average.

When she saw Li Jinfan, Shi Xi sat up straight, looking forward to this trainees performance.

In Class F, his performance was the best.

Li Jinfan did not disappoint Shi Xi.

His singing and dancing were very stable.

He even blinked his eyes at the end, smiling brilliantly.

“Wow, this is definitely Class A!” Zheng Feicai said with a smile.

“He sang very steadily and danced very smoothly.

He has improved a lot compared to the first stage!”

Shen Hanquan nodded.

“When he was practicing, he was very hardworking.

He was the last one to leave Class F every day.”

Shuo Nan: “Class A.”

Shi Xi and Ai Yi also gave an A and he passed with all votes.

Following that, Pei Jie and Bai Cangyangs performance was outstanding, and they both smoothly received an A grade.

There were 109 trainees in a group of four, and they had to watch the theme song more than 20 times.

Shi Xis eyes were tired from watching it.

The job of a mentor wasnt easy!

The job wasnt easy.

Xi Xi sighed.

After the theme songs rating ended, the second episode (1) of the main film was finally broadcast.

The long-awaited second episode of [Star Idol] was finally shown.

Everyone was watching.


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