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[Xueer is going to get a new skin.

Whether you can get it or not is another matter.]

[Wait, that person who posted on Shi Xi seems to be Big Boss CY]

[Big Boss CY How is that possible Big Boss CY doesnt chase after celebrities, right]

[Its CY! When the forums were tearing apart Big Boss CY, Big Boss CY used this account to clarify that he didnt steal anything from the gang.]

[D*mn! CY changed his ID!]

[What ID did he change to]

[He changed it to Shi Xis Baby.]


The people who were eating melon seeds on the forums opened the game one after another and went to look at the ranking list of World of Martial Arts Dream.

The first ranking list of the entire server used to be fought over by people from various gangs.

However, ever since CY entered the game, CY had been firmly occupying the first position on the ranking list.

The game could not have the same name, and CY had never changed his name.

But now, CY had used a name change card!

And he had changed it to [Shi Xis Baby].

For a moment, CYs friends sent messages to CY, asking if she had been hacked.

Ning Yu leaned against the back of her chair, looking at her interface, and fell silent.

She had originally wanted to change it toShi Xis Sister, but the name was already taken.

She triedShi Xis Brother,Shi Xis Fan, and other IDs, and the results showed that the names were already taken.

So, she went all out and randomly typedShi Xis Baby.

System: [You have successfully changed your name!]

Ning Yu looked at her ID and felt a headache.

There was no justice.

Why didnt any of Shi Xis fans choose this name

Ning Yu wanted to change her ID again.

System: [You can only change your nickname once in 30 days.

There are still 29 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 15 seconds until the next change.]

Ning Yu: %#@%..

What followed was a group of friends asking her if she had been hacked.

Ning Yu thought about her sister who didnt have a good brain and felt that she was infected too.


To think that she would do such a thing.

With the appearance of a god, the subsequent announcements of the promotional video were also released as usual.

After all, the promotional video this time was to promote ling Xueers Qi Qiao Festival limited skin.

The anti-fans on the forum shouted that they didnt want to buy it, but after it was released, almost everyone spent money to get Xueers new skin.

Even Ning Yu changed the character displayed on her page to Ling Xueers Qi Qian Festival limited skin.

Therefore, everyone on the forum guessed that CY was a Shi Xi hardcore fan.

Ning Yu: “…”

What made her even more helpless was that other than clothes, experience points, and game currency, there was also Shi Xis autographed poster in the wheel.

There was only one autographed poster of Shi Xi, and it was drawn by Ning Yu.

Ning Yu did not take it to heart at first, but such a special prize would trigger the world announcement.

World: [Congratulations, Shi Xis Baby, for drawing Shi Xis autograph in the Moon River Palace! The Emperor has possessed you! Lucky up!!]

Shi Xis Boyfriend: [F*ck, Im so envious! The god is indeed a god!]

Bubbles: [God CY should be very excited, right]

Ao Yuan: [The god of luck.

Theres only a 0.01% chance of getting it.]

Ning Yu looked at the news in the world and remained silent.

Bubbles: [Is God CY so excited that he cant speak]

Jiangshan Beauty: [Of course.

I didnt expect God CY to be so sad about the beauty.]

Ning Yus alias was still in the game.

Everyone thought that she was a man.

But after Ning Yu changed her name, no one doubted her anymore.

A week later, Ning Yu received Shi Xis signed poster from the game team.

Ning Yu: “…”

Hua Family.

Hua Hengzhe leaned against the sofa and opened the game ofWorld of Martial Arts Dream on his laptop.


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