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The bitter smell of alcohol made the girl frown, and the adults laughed.

Suddenly, a firework bloomed in the sky, and soon after, more fireworks bloomed.

It was the festival of praying for blessings and making wishes.

The magnificent firework gradually blurred, and the sparks gradually condensed into clear red snow.

The red snow fell, and the flames in the city gradually extinguished.

However, the face of the girl lying on the ground was pale, and there was a trace of memories in her eyes.

All the beautiful memories were shattered in her eyes.

The camera zoomed out, and the prosperous city was in ruins, leaving only broken walls and ruins.

The sky was filled with specks of red snow.

The screen gradually darkened.

In just a few short minutes, the video reminisced Ling Xueers happy time in Yuan City.

Shi Xis acting skills were nimble and her carefree smile made people believe that she was the most carefree city lords daughter in Yuan City.

And the final scene was extremely beautiful and touching.

The direction of the comments gradually became better.

[So beautiful! Shi Xi is really beautiful!]

[When she was lying on the ground in the end, she really looked like Xueer.]

[Sob, sob, sob.

My tears arent worth much.

I didnt expect it to be Xueers memories.

The sudden knife was so cruel!]

[Shi Xi doesnt look like Xueer at all, but Shi Xis acting is really beautiful! Id like to call it the strongest cosplay!]

[Shi Xi lied and acted like a big shot on the show.

Such a person can even receive publicity forWorld of Martial Arts Dream How disgusting.]

[She doesnt even play the game, right And shes even here to eat the games resources.

Is there someone behind her]

[Looking at her sudden popularity, I know that someone must have raised her up.

Its just that I dont know how many financial backers she had to accompany to get so many resources.]

[I boycott Shi Xi on behalf of the players ofWorld of Martial Arts Dream!]

[Boycott Shi Xi! If you dont delete the promotional video, Ill never play this stupid game again!]


The anti-fans incited the players to boycott Shi Xi, boycotting Shi Xi on Weibo and in the game world.

Ning Yu entered the game and saw the messages that had been spamming in the world.

[Boycott Shi Xi! If you dont delete the promotional video, youll never have enough money again!]

[Boycott Shi Xi! Start with me!]

Ning Yu looked at the comments that were all about boycotting Shi Xi and was a little puzzled.

What did Shi Xi do

Ning Yu went to the forum to take a look and roughly understood the cause and effect.

The players ofWorld of Martial Arts Dream didnt like Shi Xi

Ning Yu posted on the forum: [I think Shi Xi is alright.]

Even though she didnt seem to be very smart.

Immediately, someone attacked Ning Yu: [You must be a die-hard fan of Shi Xi, right What kind of game player are you pretending to be How could a player like Shi Xi like you]

Ning Yu: “”

Who are you guys

Can you represent all the players ofWorld of Martial Arts Dream

Ning Yu looked at this persons forum ID, and with a slight tap of her finger, she dug out this persons IP.

She had experienced this kind of method of using an alternate account to defame Shi Xi many times.

Ning Yu directly opened a post on her own, and put up the IP of the few people who jumped up and down the forum to defame Shi Xi.

[All 20 accounts have the same IP addresses.

The contents are all smearing Shi Xi.]

There were a large number of screenshots in the post.

Not only were there screenshots of the IP addresses, there were also screenshots of the posts.

Almost all of them were provoking and scolding Shi Xi.

[F*ck, how did Shi Xi offend this person Is there a need to exchange so many accounts to scold her back and forth]

[They only said one sentence on behalf of Shi Xi, but in the end, he turned them into a fan of Shi Xi.

Im dying of laughter.

Shi Xi is so beautiful that I cant even speak for myself]

[One person represents all the players.

This person is really funny.]

[If you hate Shi Xi, just dont buy Xueers new skin.

Would it kill you to use one less skin Besides, there are so many people cosplaying Xueer.

Why arent they chasing after them and begging them to delete the video]


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