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[No official announcements, no gossip!]

[No discussion on unofficial announcements!]

[Shi Xi is still recording [Star Idol].

How would she have time to shoot a game trailer I can make up ten such fake stories in a day.]


Shi Xis fans directly pretended to be dead, refusing to admit it.

Such a straightforward avoidance made the game players feel like they had punched cotton.

No matter how much they ridiculed and scolded Shi Xi, the fans of Shi Xi did not reply.

But slowly, some gamers realized that something was wrong.

Why were their accounts reported and banned!

Ji Yin watched as the number of comments scolding Shi Xi gradually decreased.

She said to the fans of the fan club, [Look, the gamers are very reasonable.

As long as they explain clearly, no one will scold them.]

Banned gamers: F*ck, I still want to scold them, but Ive been reported all this time! =!

Just as everyone thought that this matter was a blunder and was about to pass, the official Weibo ofWorld of Martial Arts Dream suddenly posted on Weibo.

@World of Martial Arts Dream Official: [The wind clears the moon, a dream of red snow.

[promotional video]]

Following that, they also posted a long Weibo post, announcing the changes after the game update.

Everyones hands trembled as they opened the video.

Shi Xi!


Shi Xis haters and some gamers who couldnt stand Shi Xi started cursing.

[Dog game, abandoned!]

[Lousy game planner!]

[F*ck, a new skin is coming out! Xueers new skin is so beautiful!]

[Ah, Xueers new skin is so beautiful!!!]

[I want to buy Xueers new skin, but when I think about how Shi Xi promoted it, I feel disgusted and disgusted.]

[At that time, Shi Xi was cosplaying, right I feel like Shi Xis appearance is quite realistic.]

[After all, its a cosplay from the games official website.]

[Shi Xi is really beautiful! Ah, this promotional video is so well done!! Ahhh, I can still spend another 100 years watching this!]

[Dont stop me, I must get this costume!]

However, what was the nature of the game There were always people who playedWorld of Martial Arts Dream as a dress-up game.

After the official announcement, everyone was in a heated discussion.

[How could Shi Xis plastic surgery face be taken well]

[Plastic surgery Tell me in detail.]

[I heard about it too.

When she was in school, she started to touch her face.]

[Shi Xi doesnt deserve it.

Can you take a look at the video]

[Its so funny.

Is it just an empty appraisal of plastic surgery]


#World of Martial Arts Dream Promotional Video#

The topic of discussion was too high and quickly became a hot topic.

The girl on the cover was dressed in purple and had a sweet smile on her face.

Even non-fans would click in to take a look.

Yuan City, Qi Qiao Festival.

A tree branch poked out from the wall of the city lords residence.

Following that, the girl stuck her head out from the tree branch and her clear eyes rolled around.

Seeing that no one was stopping her, she jumped down from the wall and ran towards the bustling street market.

The street was bustling with people, and the streets were filled with hawkers.

The carefree Ling Xueer walked in Yuan City, looking left and right, her eyes lively.

Suddenly, a woman shouted, “Theres a thief!”

After Ling Xueer heard the voice, she looked over and saw a thief running away.

She immediately chased after him, but the thief ran very quickly.

Ling Xueer chased all the way to the city gate, took out a gold ingot, and smashed it on the back of the thiefs head.

The thief got up and saw the guards in front of him.

He had been caught.

Ling Xueer let the guards take the thief away and was about to return to continue playing when she saw her city lord father.

The girl smiled awkwardly and wanted to escape.

In the end, the city lord grabbed her collar and dragged her back to the city lords mansion.

In the city lords mansion, wine was being exchanged.

Ling Xueer saw that the adults were all drinking, so she secretly poured a cup and curved her eyes to taste it.


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