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With that, Sheng Yan strode away, not giving anyone the chance to refute him.

Shi Xu frowned slightly.

Previously, Sheng Yan was clearly not interested in Xi Xi and should have been in a hurry to break off the engagement!

How could this be

Father Sheng coughed and said seriously, “Brother Shi, it was you who suggested to hold the engagement party.

Now that youve said to postpone it, forgive us for not agreeing to it.”

Father Shi sighed.

“It was me who didnt think it through.

Xi Xi is going out to record recently, and Sheng Yan is busy with the companys operations.

Since the two of them are so busy, why dont we give them more time”

“No matter how busy they are, they can at least find time to get engaged, right” Mother Sheng sneered and said, “Getting engaged is a matter between the two children.

Sheng Yans meaning is our meaning.”

The discussion about postponing the engagement banquet ended unhappily.

Outside the Sheng familys door.

“They dont agree to the postponement.” Father Shi looked at Shi Xu.

“Yes.” Shi Xu sighed.

He thought this matter would be very simple.

He didnt expect the Sheng family to disagree.

“What are you going to do” Father Shi asked.

Shi Xu had already accepted Xie Yunzhous contract and promised Xie Yunzhou to postpone the engagement, but now he didnt do it.

“Lets take it one step at a time,” Shi Xu muttered.

“Ill ask Sheng Yan out and ask him what he thinks.”

Father Shi nodded.

As long as Sheng Yan agreed, the rest of the Sheng family would not be a problem.


At this moment, Shi Xi had just arrived at the recording studio ofWorld of Martial Arts Dream.

The director of the promotional video held the script in his hands and explained the scene to Shi Xi.

He said, “This promotional video of ours doesnt have any lines.

We only need Miss Shi to coordinate a few movements.

Has Miss Shi playedWorld of Martial Arts Dream before”

“Yes.” Shi Xi yawned when she heard the directors words.

“Thats great!” The director smiled and said, “The character that Miss Shi is playing this time is Ling Xueer!”

Shi Xi didnt finish yawning and retracted her yawn.


“Ling Xueer!”

Shi Xi was startled awake.

“Im playing Ling Xueer Arent you afraid of being scolded”

Ling Xueer was the most popular game character inWorld of Martial Arts Dream!

Director: …How do you deal with an artist who is too honest

“Miss Shis reputation on the internet is quite good.” The director chuckled and forced a smile.

Shi Xi was deep in thought and said, “You guys are really brave.”

For the first time, the director felt that the wordbrave was not a compliment.

“Cough, Miss Shi, put on your makeup first!” The director decided to skip this topic and let the makeup artist come over to put on Shi Xis makeup.

When the makeup artist saw Shi Xi, she touched Shi Xis hair and asked, “Miss Shi, your hair looks very good.”

Shi Xi resisted the urge to snatch her hair back and smiled.

“Thank you.” Dont touch my hair!

The makeup artist: “It matches the style this time!”

Shi Xi was slightly surprised.

“Isnt Ling Xueer white-haired”

InWorld of Martial Arts Dream, Ling Xueer was the fairy who controlled the falling snow, also known as the Snow Fairy.

She wore a white dress that could topple cities and was cold and unapproachable.

The makeup artist said, “Xueer has new skin.

She has pink hair and a purple dress.

She also has long boots.”


Shi Xi could not help but ask, “Isnt Xueer a fairy”

The makeup artist was silent for a moment.

“Cant fairies dye their hair”

Shi Xi said, “…They can.”

Moreover, white hair was easier to dye.

Ling Xueer was the most popular female character inWorld of Martial Arts Dream.

She was originally the daughter of the City Lord of Yuan City, the carefree daughter of a wealthy family.

However, the World of Desire invaded and released Ming Li Fire, wanting to burn Yuan City to ashes.

The Ming Li Fire burned fiercely, and no one could save it.

Ling Xueer used the rest of her life to exchange for heavy rain.

Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, and heavy rain poured down, but it still could not extinguish the Ming Li Fire.


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