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The three-second trailer for instructor Shi Xi caused a huge stir on the internet.

There were more discussions about Shi Xi than about the entire program team.

Shi Xis anti-fans scolded the program team for not treating the trainees as human beings.

Shi Xis fans scolded the program team for arranging chaotic editing.

Even Han Chuan called the program team and asked them what they meant.

Why were they doing this to Shi Xi

Program team: F*ck, we really do not mean to cut it!

The program team was wronged to death, they not only did not do an evil cut, but also cut Shi Xi and Shuo Nans strange dialogue to cut.

That was all they had

Program team:

Im done!

Do whatever you want with this clip!

The program team sent to Han Chuan a clip of Shi Xis teaching, [This is the next feature film to be released.

It originally cannot be leaked before broadcast.] Now in order to prove their innocence, they sent this to Han Chuan, an outsider.

After Han Chuan watched the video, he fell silent.

Shi Xi really knew how to dance…

Just as the program team was being scolded to the point of being wronged…

The director: “Eh The views have increased again! There are investors who want to join There are several investors”

The program team: Set the table and continue working.

As long as there is money, everything will be fine.

What was the point of being scolded

There were still a few days before the second episode of the main film was broadcast.

Other than practicing, the trainees were practicing.

They had taught everything they could.

Now, it was up to their own hard work.

Hard work made up for bad work.


Shi Xi stretched lazily.

There was no need to record today.

She was happy.

She turned on her phone and saw the entertainment news feed.

[Shi Xi taught the theme song wrong.

Trainees broke down and cried on the spot.]

Shi Xi: “”

She knew that after the trailer of her teaching the trainees came out, there were many anti-fans who mocked her.

But she didnt expect that this idiom,spreading rumors, would actually come to life on her.

When Shi Xi clicked on this news, everyone below was scolding her.

Anyone who spoke up for her would be scolded along with the haters.


Han Chuan had sent her a message before, telling her not to talk nonsense and to wait for the program team to release the main episode.

The harsher the scolding was now, the better the contrast would be when the main episode was broadcast.

The program team had the same thought.

Shi Xi got up lazily and prepared to go to the hotels restaurant for dinner.

She initially thought that Xie Yunzhou had moved in next to her because he wanted to chase after her.

But in the past few days, Xie Yunzhou had been busy with work and would only occasionally come to find her for dinner.

So, he really was only here on business.

After Shi Xi came to this conclusion, she felt much more at ease.

Why would the big boss villain like her

Just when Shi Xi thought that there would be no recording today and that she would be able to lie down happily and easily, Han Chuan knocked on the door and came in.

“Get up and start filming.”

Shi Xi sniffled.

“I thought there was no recording today”

Han Chuan: “[Star Idol] is not recording today.

Youre going to shoot a promotional video for World of Martial Arts Dream.”

Shi Xi scratched her head.


Han Chuan: “…I sent you a message last night.

Didnt you read it”

Shi Xi picked up her phone and tapped into WeChat.

She saw the message that Han Chuan had sent her at four in the morning, telling her to prepare to shoot a promotional video forWorld of Martial Arts Dream.

“Was this last night This is today at four in the morning! Youre not sleeping at four in the morning” Shi Xi was shocked.

Han Chuan was expressionless.

“Four in the morning, its a great time to officially work.”

Shi Xi expressed that she did not understand Han Chuans working hours.

“Why wouldWorld of Martial Arts Dream ask me to shoot a promotional video Did you help me get resources” Shi Xi asked.

“No, it was the games promotional initiative.” Han Chuan hesitated for a moment and said, “I heard that it was recommended by a god in the game.”

Shi Xi was puzzled.


Han Chuan said, “Whats his name… CY I think its this.”

Ning Yu recommended her

Shi Xis eyes widened in surprise.

Why would Ning Yu recommend her to shoot a promotional video forWorld of Martial Arts Dream


The Sheng Family.

Father Shi and Shi Xu brought gifts to their house and proposed to postpone the engagement for two years.

After hearing this, Father Shengs expression didnt look too good.

Sheng Yan said straightforwardly, “Ha, you say that the engagement is going to be postponed”

Father Sheng glanced at him and said indifferently, “How can you talk to your elders like this”

“Am I wrong” Sheng Yan stood up and put on his cufflinks.

“I dont agree to cancel the engagement party.

I have something to do at the company, so Ill excuse myself.”


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