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The music played, and the trainees of Class F danced to the theme song together.

Shuo Nan looked at their movements and was a little surprised.

When he had come from Class A, he had discovered that whether it was the stripping lessons or the trainees who were learning from the teacher, there were a few movements that were very sloppy.

However, the movements of the trainees in Class F were very standard.

Some of them forgot their movements and looked at the others before continuing to jump.

Overall, they actually learned better than those in Class B!

“Not bad!” Shuo Nan applauded and praised, “Practice it well.

Dont forget your movements.

Just practice it a few more times.

Especially Li Jinfan, you danced very well!”

Li Jinfan, who was praised, smiled brightly and said innocently, “Its Sister Xi who taught us well.”

“Sister Xi” Shuo Nan looked at Shi Xi in disbelief, “You mean, Shi Xi taught you”

Li Jinfan nodded vigorously, “Sister Xi has been very patient in teaching us just now!”

Shi Xi raised her chin slightly and said, “This is what I should do.”

Shuo Nan wanted to say: You know how to dance

Looking at the camera beside him, Shuo Nan held back.

He could not lose his job because of Shi Xi.

Although the second episode was not broadcast, in order to maintain its popularity, the trailer was released very quickly.

In the middle, Bai Cangyang led a team to practice dancing, Li Jinfan stayed up all night to practice, and the instructor taught the dance —

Wait a minute!

Shi Xi teaching the theme song!

When the netizens saw Shi Xi standing in front of the practice room teaching the theme song in the trailer, they were all stunned.

Although Shi Xi only had three seconds of the trailer, they could still clearly see that it was Shi Xi teaching the theme song.

[Am I blind or has the program team gone crazy Shi Xi Sects theme song She knows how to dance]

[How is this a talent show Is this paving the way for Shi Xi The first episode is the perfect goddess script, the second episode of the all-rounded teacher script.

Is the program team is Shi Xis biological mother Theyre so supportive of Shi Xi]

[I hope the program team understands that we want to watch the male teams talent show and not someone else make a debut.]

[Its so disgusting.

How can we get Shi Xi not to participate in the talent show Why would she come to the male team to eat traffic]

[Shi Xi doesnt need a rating.

Shes delaying the trainees time! If she cant teach well, she wont affect herself.

Whats affected is the future of the trainees in Class F!]

[The people in Class F are already on the brink of danger.

If theyre delayed by Shi Xi for so long… How pitiful.

Li Jinfan is in Class F.

It cant be that hes going to be eliminated in the next round, right Wont Shi Xi feel guilty]

In an instant, the negative comments that blotted out the sky surrounded Shi Xi.

When the fans saw this trailer, they were all shocked.

Ji Yin watched the trailer over and over again, but she still couldnt figure out what the trailer was trying to say.

“The program team is deliberately editing Shi Xi to get more traffic!”

After many speculations from the fans, they finally pointed the blame at the program team.

[Shi Xi is a popularity coach, not a dance coach.

I hope the program team will take Shi Xis position seriously!]

[Please dont use Shi Xi as a diversion tool.]

[Shi Xi has been scolded ever since she took part in the program.

She has been scolded for not doing anything.

What a beauty.]


However, no matter what the fans said, the netizens would not let go of Shi Xi.

[If she didnt want to teach herself, how could the program team force her to teach Why didnt they say that it would affect the progress of Class F]

[Shi Xi is really stupid and bad.]

[I heard that Shi Xi wanted to use the all-rounded teacher persona.

The program team had no choice but to let her teach Class F.

Its a pity that they didnt have much time to learn the theme song to begin with, and Class F lost another day.]

[Shi Xis teaching seems to be wrong… The trainees of Class F are really miserable.]


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