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Shi Xi was only focused on reading the script and did not notice the attitude of the surrounding staff towards her.

As a vicious supporting actress, she was tasked with the task of turning the plot around.

At the very least, she had to memorize the lines well.

Meanwhile, the director did not care about the comments on the Internet.

He was directing the filming at the scene without holding back.

At 3:30 pm, Shi Xis scene ended.

The director called out to her, “Shi Xi, tomorrow night, well be filming the scene of the schools anniversary celebration.

You must remember to be there!!!”

“Dont worry, tomorrow at 4 pm, Ill be there on time.” Shi Xi packed her things and quickly left work.

In the evening, she still had to accompany Xie Yunzhou to Qingshui Restaurant for dinner.

Shi Xi looked at the time and prepared to go to the mall to buy pants first.

She had dirtied Xie Yunzhous pants, so she had to give him a pair.

After arriving at the mall, Shi Xi went to the mens clothing area and casually strolled around.

Shi Xi had never bought clothes for a man before.

When she entered the mens clothing area, her vision turned black.

However, the mens clothes were about the same.

Shi Xi picked an expensive one and bought it.


Looking at the time, it was only 5 oclock.

Shi Xi wanted to go shopping and buy some clothes for herself.

After shopping in two shops, Shi Xi heard the sound of an argument.

“Youre a country bumpkin.

Do you know how much these clothes cost Can you afford them”

“Be careful.

If you touch them and get dirty, you wont be able to pay for it.”

Shi Xi glanced over and saw Ning Yu who was being bullied in the shop.

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Why was the female lead here!

Shi Xi almost gasped.

How did she bump into Ning Yu even when she was shopping!

Thinking back on what she had said just now, Shi Xi could roughly recall the plot of the novel.

It was probably because Ning Yu came out to buy a gown and met the cannon fodder girl.

The cannon fodder girl mocked Ning Yu as a country bumpkin who had no knowledge and no money.

Then, she was ruthlessly slapped in the face by Ning Yu.

Very good, there was no role for her, Shi Xi!

This matter had nothing to do with her.

Shi Xi was prepared to quietly leave this central plot area.

However, just as she was about to turn around and leave, the cannon fodder girl called out to her.

“Hey, Shi Xi! Come in quickly!”

Shi Xi: …

She wanted to pretend that she didnt hear it, but the cannon fodder girl had already taken two or three steps forward and pulled her in from outside the shop.


“Shi Xi, what do you think of this gown” The cannon fodder girl said happily, “The family is going to hold a banquet in a few days.

If you wear this gown, youll definitely amaze everyone!”

Shi Xi followed her instructions and looked over.

On the snow-white gown, there were bits of broken diamonds and layers of white gauze on the chest.

The design was very impressive.

It was indeed very beautiful.

Ning Yu laughed softly at the side.

“I took a liking to this gown first.”

The cannon fodder girl raised her chin slightly and swept her gaze from top to bottom.

She looked at Ning Yu and said disdainfully, “You took a liking to it Can you afford it”

Ning Yus eyes darkened, and she felt a little displeased.

She had never wanted to attend any banquets in the first place, and it was even more so when she returned to the Shi Family.

Her originally carefree life was now completely thrown into chaos.

She couldnt afford it

What a joke!

She was —

“Shes my sister.

Put this dress on my bill.” Shi Xi took out her phone and took out the electronic membership card of this shop.

She said to the shop assistant, “Give me the bill.”

Ning Yu and the cannon fodder girl were both stunned.

The shop assistant naturally knew Shi Xi.

After being stunned for a moment, he took Shi Xis phone with both hands.

“Okay, Miss Shi, this way please.”

Ning Yu looked at Shi Xi and frowned slightly.

She said uncomfortably, “I have money.

You dont have to pay for me.”

Shi XI whispered, “I have a membership from this shop.

I can get a 50% discount.”



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