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[A certain female artist Why didnt you just say it was Shi Xi Im dying of laughter.

Shi Xi is the daughter of a rich family and the school belle.

How could she fall for a male artiste who hasnt even graduated from high school]

[Huh The two of them are just ordinary colleagues.

Its too much of a fantasy for them to fall in love and become a couple.

Let me take my Xi Xi away.]

[Hehe, a certain female artiste doesnt know anything about duet and dance at all.

She just wants to take this job.

Isnt she afraid of the backlash]


The scuffle between the three groups of fans increased the popularity of [Star Idol] to another level.

And the only ones less popular than the two of them were Bai Cangyang, Li Jinfan, and the others.

Their performances were outstanding, but there were only nine spots for them to make their debut.

The fans of each group tried their best to trample on the others, hoping to push themselves into the debut spots.


In the practice room.

After repeatedly watching the song and dance of the theme song on her phone, Shi Xi had already learned how to sing and dance the theme song.

She memorized the movements quickly, and with a little practice before going to bed, she had already grasped the essence of the dance.

However, the directing team did not need her to teach the students how to dance.

In the program, in addition to the sponsor, Shen Hanquan, and the dance instructor, Shuo Nan, there were two dance teachers who specialized in teaching the students how to dance.

In addition, the students could dance by themselves.

This was the charm of a talent show.

There were a total of five practice rooms, but the number of teachers that could be taught was limited, and the learning progress varied.

If the members who learned first could take the initiative to teach the other members, they could gain a lot of favor.

This was what Bai Cangyang did.

Class A.

Bai Cangyang did not sleep the whole night and practiced his dance well.

The next day, he helped his friends who did not learn to practice together with Class A, shouting the slogan “Stay in Class A”.

Other classes had similar leaders who led the entire class to practice.

Shi Xi saw that the other instructors went to different classes according to the instructions, leaving only Class F for her.

Ah, the worst class…

Shi Xi, who had wanted to chat with her old friend Pei Jie, could only push open the door to Class F.

“Hello, instructor.”

“Hello, instructor!”


There were more than 20 people in Class F.

when they saw Shi Xi enter, they all stood up to welcome her.

“Hi~” Shi Xis eyes were shallow.

She asked, “Hows your practice going”

The people in Class F looked at each other and did not dare to answer.

Most of the people who entered Class F were trainees who were useless at both singing and dancing.

Shi Xis gaze swept over them and changed to a different question.

“What have you learned”

One of the trainees said, “Were still dancing.”

Even the dance teacher would prioritize teaching the first few classes.

There were more than 20 people in Class F, and only one tablet could be used for dancing.

Shi Xi said, “Dance to the music first.

I want to see how many of you can do it.”

Although the group of young and strong trainees was taller than Shi Xi, their imposing manner was steadily suppressed by Shi Xi.

Shi Xi stood at the front and played music.

“Break through the shackles of the galaxy, advance without backing down!”

“The fire in my heart burns with endless depravity!”

The trainees of Class F said that they did not know how to do it.

Most of them could not keep up with the rhythm anymore and stopped, not knowing what to do.

However, a few of them had already learned it and were still dancing.

Shi Xi did not stop the music and looked at the few people who were still dancing.

“If its the stars, then go and shine.

If its the dream, then go and break through alone.”

“The more exaggerated the dream, the more the world tries to stop it.”

Class F had a total of 22 people.

Only one person dropped down from above.

Li Jinfan.

Pei Jies teammate.

The music stopped.

Li Jinfan made his final ending.

When Li Jinfan smiled, his entire person seemed to exude happiness.

When he looked at others, his bright black eyes were wet.

He looked like a little puppy that had not experienced the world.

His smile was clear.


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