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[Xi Xis resources are so good.

Whos angry So its the sour guys!]

[As expected of a popularity coach.

Shi Xi is really giving the show a free trending search.]

[Its hilarious.

Shi Xi has been sitting in her seat for the entire episode, safe and sound.

She hasnt said a word the entire time.

How can she be scolded like this]

At this stage, Shi Xi indeed did not say much.

When the camera landed on Shi Xi, she would always be beautiful.

Her long pink hair fell on her chest.

Under her long and narrow eyelashes, her pair of bright black eyes were filled with seriousness.

She was still holding a pen in her hand as she seriously jotted down her notes.

The pink diamond on her wrist flickered as she moved.

The girl was originally fair and beautiful.

Her bright eyes were kind, and the sparkling light made her look even more beautiful.

[Lets not talk about anything else.

Shi Xi is really beautiful.]

[Let me live with this face for one day.

Ill be able to rest in peace for the rest of my life.]

[The capital behind Shi Xi is really heaven-defying! She has only been in the entertainment industry for a short period of time, and shes already become a mentor! Which of the people who sit with her doesnt have a masterpiece Doesnt Shi Xi feel ashamed]

Not only was Shi Xi not ashamed, she became more and more confident.

After the first episode (1) was broadcast, most of the people who participated in the discussion were mentor fans.

Other than the mentors, the fans who attracted the most fans were the first A-List singer, Bai Cangyang, and the limpid singer, Li Jinfan.

Bai Cangyang was an all-rounder in singing and rap.

He had a cheerful personality and was handsome.

Li Jinfans voice was limpid.

He had failed in the PK and entered Class F, so he had attracted a large number of fans.

Both of them were important members of the program team.

After the broadcast of the program, as expected, they received a lot of attention.

But the most outstanding thing was still Shi Xis beauty.

The #Shi Xi Pink Hair# topic was full of screenshots and animations of fans or dogs.

The number of readers was high.

Many people directly changed their profile pictures to Shi Xis pink hairstyle.

But other than that, the discussion in the first episode was very little.

The director team looked at the data in the first episode and felt that it didnt meet the standards they wanted.

They wanted more fans to be attracted to the trainees and not Shi Xi.

“Forget it.

Well see what happens after the initial stage is over.”

The director was helpless about this phenomenon.

In the first episode (2), Shi Xi and Shuo Nan argued over Pei Jies rating and were edited to broadcast it.

[“Eh, two As and two Bs.” Shi Xi smiled faintly.

“Looks like my vote is crucial!”

“Teacher Shi Xi,” Shuo Nan argued, “Pei Jies dancing is very explosive.

He definitely deserves an A!”

Shi Xi smiled.

“A rank.”]

The conversation between the two of them had all been cut, leaving only a friendly discussion.

[Ahhhhh! I hit something!]

[So sweet! The daughter of a rich tycoon, the gigolo of the entertainment industry! Hit!]

[The way Shi Xi looks at Shuo Nan is so doting.

Sob, sob, sob, my beautiful sister has fallen in love.]

[Although the two of them sat the furthest away, Shuo Nan would take the initiative to ask Shi Xi for votes instead of Ai Yi, who is the closest to him.

Ai Yi is clearly the closest to him.]

[Ai Yi is just a tool, haha.]

[Ai Yi: Are you polite]

The interaction between the two attracted groups of CP fans one after another.

Because Shi Xi had someone backing her, the program team did not dare to maliciously edit Shi Xi, portraying her image as a vase beauty.

As for those words that were used against Shuo Nan, not a single word was edited out.

[CP fans are acting cute in their own circles.

Theres no need to spread their presence everywhere.]

[Xi Xi is just being polite to everyone.]

[Shuo Nan is only 19 years old.

Hes not in love! A certain female artist should stay away from him!]


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