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Shuo Nan shut his mouth and simply ignored Shi Xi.

Ai Yi looked at Shi Xi and then at Shuo Nan.

“Did the two of you quarrel”


“No.” Shi Xi smiled and said, “Teacher Shuo Nan is just shy.”

Ai Yi was surprised.


“Shes spouting nonsense!” He really did not like Shi Xi!

He just couldnt stand seeing the program team cramming people and turning a vase that didnt know anything into a teacher, so he was always targeting Shi Xi.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside.

“CY! CY has appeared!”

“Quick, take a photo!”

“Ahhh, CY is so handsome, I want to give birth to a monkey for you!”


The sound outside the car resounded through the clouds.

Shi Xi couldnt help but look outside.

But she only saw a figure wearing a hat entering the hotel.

She asked, “Whos CY”

Shuo Nan wanted to say something, but when he thought that it was Shi Xis words, he held back.

“CY is a god gamer in World of Martial Arts Dream.

I heard that World of Martial Arts Dream is holding an anniversary celebration recently and invited CY.

These people outside are all here for him.” Ai Yi sighed.

“I didnt think that he would stay in the same hotel as us.”

“I see.” Shi Xi was deep in thought and sat back down.

Shuo Nan resisted the urge to speak and closed his eyes to rest.

Shi Xi thought of something and asked the system,That CY, is he Ning Yu

System: [Yes.]

Shi Xi: “…”

She knew it!

She knew it!!

As an important supporting actress, how could she miss an important plot!

‘Why am I still able to meet Ning Yu even though Im hiding in Yanjing! Shi Xi cried in anger.

The system comforted her: [Dont worry, this plot has nothing to do with you.]

Shi Xi:I dont believe you, unless you tell me the plot.

The system: [Ning Yu played a male character and was suspected of being gay online.

At the same time, she was framed by the gang members.

Ning Yu personally appeared and slapped everyone in the face.]

‘I see. Shi Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

‘Its good that it has nothing to do with me.

Shen Hanquan and Zheng Feicai also got into the car and started the engine.

Shi Xi greeted the two of them and started to play with her phone.

She was not familiar with these people and did not know what to talk about.

She could only use her phone to ease the awkwardness.


[Star Idol] was recorded and broadcast at the same time.

After the initial stage recording was completed, the first episode (1) was broadcast first.

However, the first episode (1) had four teacher stages, and the discussion was not as good as #Shi Xi Being the Star Idol Teacher#.

[Based on what Based on what Why should Shi Xi be the teacher]

[What achievements does Shi Xi have What ability does she have to be the teacher for this group of trainees Im so angry that Im crying!]

[So disgusting.

Does this lousy program team know how to find someone Who wants to see a woman in the male teams talent show]

[If theres Shi Xi, I wont watch! Boycott Shi Xi!]

After the first episode was released, the most discussed topic wasnt Shen Hanquan or Bai Cangyang.

Instead, it was Shi Xi, this popularity teacher.

[Popularity teacher I think its an angry teacher! Im so angry that I cant eat anymore!]

[Im begging for an edited version without Shi Xi!]

[Ha, does Shi Xi know how to sing and dance Does she know what an idol is Does she understand Does she even understand Out of the five mentors, shes the only one who doesnt have a show.

Dont you understand why]

[By relying on her own strength to lower the quality of the program team, Shi Xi is truly the number one talent show contestant in the country.]

All sorts of insults and criticisms were hurled at Shi Xi.

The fans naturally wouldnt just sit idly by.

[Theres another person whos incompetent and furious.

Im dying of laughter.

Shi Xi is going to be a popularity coach.

Why are so many people acting like their country was invaded]


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