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After hanging up, Shi Xi placed her phone by her bed and prepared to sleep soundly.

The engagement party with Sheng Yan was postponed.


Stay away from the plot (√)

[Its just postponing the engagement party, not canceling the engagement.] The system suddenly came online and reminded, [Dont be happy too early.]

Shi Xi thought of this lousy system and said, “Then cant I be happy”

System: [Yes.]

Shi Xi was no longer happy after being interrupted like this.

She asked, “What other plot points are there next”

When she was reading the novel back then, because there were too many plot points in the middle, she was jumping around and watching.

She couldnt remember many of the plot points clearly — it wasnt that she couldnt remember, but she didnt read them at all!

The system said, [I dont have any plot points for you recently, so you can focus on recording.]

Shi Xi exhaled and prepared to lie down to sleep.

It seemed that at least she would be able to live a good life.

As for whether Tao Yuxuan and Leng Qiankun would be slapped in the face, Shi Xi didnt care at all.

If they wanted to die, she couldnt stop them.

They slept through the night until dawn.


Xie Yunzhou brought breakfast as usual.

Shi Xi treated him like a waiter and ate the breakfast calmly.

From the hotel, Shi Xi found that there were more people hiding beside the hotel to take photos than yesterday.

Shi Xi was slightly surprised.

“Why are there so many people”

Could it be that they were all here to take photos of her

But she didnt have any makeup on!

Shi Xi took out a mask from her bag and prepared to put it on.

“They heard that CY was staying in this hotel and wanted to see CYs true appearance.” Shuo Nans mocking voice sounded from behind her.

He didnt forget to mock her, “Its not to film you, you dont have to wear a mask so urgently.”

Shi Xi heard Shuo Nans voice and turned to size him up.

She smiled and said, “Youre paying so much attention to my actions.

Do you like me”

Shuo Nan was so shocked that he took two steps back.

“What, what are you talking about!”

The girls big black eyes smiled like a crescent moon as she approached Shuo Nan.

“If you dont like me, why do you keep saying words and picking on me Arent you trying to get my attention”

Shuo Nan gritted his teeth and took two more steps back.

He said in a low voice, “Dont talk nonsense!”

They were so close in broad daylight.

If the paparazzi caught them, how could they explain it clearly!

“Im not talking nonsense.” Shi Xi had long wanted to cure this Shuo Nan who couldnt stand her, so she deliberately dragged out her words.

She said, “This kind of small trick of deliberately causing trouble to attract the attention of the girl you like is already outdated.

Why dont you find another way to attract my attention”

Shuo Nan clenched his fists.

“Who likes you Dont flatter yourself!”

Shi Xi blinked her beautiful eyes and asked, “Then why do you always go against me”

Shuo Nan looked at the beautiful girl in front of him and suddenly turned his head.

He said stubbornly, “When did I go against you”

“Is that so” Shi Xi wanted to continue asking.

At this moment, Ai Yi came out from the side.

Shuo Nan strode towards Ai Yi and urged, “Why are you so slow Get in the car soon!”

After avoiding Shi XIs question, Shuo Nan heaved a sigh of relief.

After getting in the car, Ai Yi smiled and said, “What were you talking with Shi Xi about just now”

“Who was talking to her” Shuo Nan evaded his gaze.

“Puppy was talking to me just now.” Shi Xi walked into the car and sat in front.

Shuo Nan: “!”

Ai Yi pressed down on Shuo Nan and held back his laughter.

“Why did you provoke her”

It was like two primary school students quarreling.

“You dont even know how much she has gone overboard!” Shuo Nan gritted his teeth and wanted to sue Shi Xi for her crimes.

However, the culprit turned around.

“How much have I gone overboard”

Shuo Nan: “!!”


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