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In the study room, Mother Shi was rambling on, obviously thinking that Shi Xu was going to break up Shi Xis marriage and marry Ning Yu to the Sheng family.

After Shi Xu finally explained everything clearly and promised that he would not harm Shi Xis interests, he sent Mother Shi back to her room.

Back in the study room, Shi Xu pressed between his eyebrows and sighed in his heart.

He had already cooperated with Xie Yunzhou, but he had not completed the matter of agreeing to postpone the marriage.

“Why did you suddenly delay the engagement between Xi Xi and Sheng Yan” Father Shi looked at Shi Xu, his eyes inquisitive.

He was thinking more than Mother Shi.

Father Shi was very confident in the heir he had groomed.

Although Shi Xu doted on his sister, he would never delay the engagement just because of something as intangible as familial love.

There was no harm in marrying the Sheng family.

If the engagement was canceled now, it would definitely affect the relationship between the Shi and Sheng families.

Shi Xu put on a serious face and took out a contract.

He handed it over and said, “This is Xie Yunzhous proposal for cooperation.”

Father Shi opened the contract and said, “Xie Yunzhous proposal We have never cooperated with the Xie family.

Why would he suddenly propose cooperation”

Before Shi Xu could answer, Father Shi saw the contents of the contract clearly and said in surprise, “This, in this way, Xie Yunzhou is giving away all the profits”

Shi Xu nodded.

“Giving away so much profit, what are his conditions” Father Shi was not a clueless little rabbit, and his expression turned solemn.

Shi Xu said, “He wants Xi Xi.”

“Impossible.” Father Shi frowned.

“The Shi family does not sell their daughters.”


Shi Xu said, “I rejected him, and he proposed to change the condition: delay the engagement between Xi Xi and Sheng Yan.”

Hearing this, Father Shi was silent for a moment.

“You agreed”

Shi Xu said, “Yes.”

Father Shi put down the contract and said, “Ill go to the Sheng Residence tomorrow to discuss the matter of postponing the engagement banquet.”

Shi Xu heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as Father Shi agreed, this matter would be easy to discuss.

“Have you told Xi Xi about this” Father Shi asked.

Shi Xu was slightly startled and shook his head.


He wanted to hide it from Shi Xi.

After all, no matter how he looked at it, this kind of transaction did not seem like it was open and aboveboard.

“Then lets hide it from her.

Just say that shes still young and wants to keep her for another two years.” Father Shi continued, “Take advantage of these two years to observe these few people.”

Shi Xu smiled.

“I will naturally take Xi Xis marriage to heart.”

That was his younger sister.


After settling his parents, Shi Xu pondered for a moment before dialing Shi Xis number.

“Brother Why did you call me so late Whats the matter” The girls voice was soft and sweet, so cute that it made one want to dote on her.

“Theres something I want to tell you.” Shi Xus voice was gentle.

Shi Xi was just about to go to bed when she heard exciting good news.

She exclaimed, “Postpone the engagement party!”

Shi Xu said, “Youre still young and we want to wait for another two years before you get engaged.

Thats what Dad wants, so he wants me to ask you what you think.”

What thoughts could Shi Xi have

Of course, she was all for it!

“Sure!” Shi Xi could hardly control her joy.

“Forget about postponing it, we can even cancel the engagement!”

“Your engagement has been going on since you were young.

How can you cancel it so easily” When Shi Xi didnt object, Shi Xu heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Then you have a good rest.

Tomorrow, Dad will go to the Sheng family and talk about postponing the engagement.”

Shi Xi: “Okay, good night, Big Brother.”

“Good night.” When Shi Xu heard his sisters soft voice, he only felt that it was great to have a cute little sister.


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