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After finishing her supper, Shi Xi slumped in her chair, feeling physically and mentally happy.

Her gaze met Xie Yunzhous.

Shi Xi sat up straight and tidied up the leftovers on the table.

“What do you want to eat tomorrow morning” Xie Yunzhou asked.

Shi Xi was puzzled.

“Tomorrow morning”

Why The big shot villain still had to send her food tomorrow

Xie Yunzhou: “My assistant will buy me some food.

Ill ask him to bring you some along the way.”

Shi Xi said carefully, “I remember that the hotel will bring you breakfast.”

“The breakfast in the hotel is not good.” Xie Yunzhou did not mind tarnishing his hotel at all.


“Ill let my assistant buy it.” Xie Yunzhou got up and asked, “What time are you going to record”

Shi Xi replied, “Im leaving at 9.”

“Rest early.” Xie Yunzhou left the room and took out the trash along the way.

Shi Xi sat back down and asked the system, “Xie Yunzhou is so good to me.

Dont tell me he likes me”

The system sneered, [You expect a single machine to answer such a high-level relationship question]

Shi Xi thought about it and agreed.

She opened her phone and saw the relationship expert, Tao Yuxuan.


Forget it, she might as well watch the dance of the theme song.

She didnt deserve to have emotional problems.

Shi Xi asked the program team for a video of the theme song and prepared to learn it.

At least these three days shouldnt be wasted, right

It was too easy to earn money, and she felt guilty about getting paid for this job!

Shi Xi opened the video.


Shi Familys Study Room.

Shi Xu said, “I want to postpone Xi Xi and Sheng Yans engagement party.”

“What” Mother Shi was the first to disagree.

She slammed the table and stood up to object.

“I dont agree! Xi Xi and Sheng Yan are childhood sweethearts.

Now, the news of their engagement has spread! If they dont get engaged, how will Xi Xi face others in the future!”

Father Shi nodded slightly and said solemnly, “The matter of the engagement was brought up by us, and the Sheng family has already agreed to the engagement.

Now that you say you want to postpone it, whats the reason”

“Xi Xi is still young.

If she gets engaged so soon, what will she do if she meets someone she really likes in the future” Shi Xu said calmly, “Moreover, Sheng Yan is slowly taking over the Sheng family now, and he doesnt lack all kinds of women by his side.”

Xi Xi went to Haicheng to study.

In the future, she would be busy with her work and studies, and she would definitely be in a different place from Sheng Yan.

“If the relationship between the two of them breaks up after the engagement, it might very likely affect our relationship with the Sheng family.”

Mother Shi said angrily, “The two of them have been childhood sweethearts.

Its inevitable that theyll get married in the future! If she gets engaged now, shell directly marry into the Sheng family after Xi Xi graduates.

“Xi Xi is now in the entertainment industry because she likes to play.

When she gets tired of playing for a few months, shell come back.

“As for Sheng Yan… We watched that kid grow up.

Your father and I know his personality even better.

“If Sheng Yan dares to let Xi Xi down, his parents wont let him off!”

Shi Xu sighed, “What if Xi Xi falls in love with someone else”

Mother Shi was stunned.

“This, this…”

“Father, Mother, Leng Qiankun was the one who set off the fireworks at Xi Xis birthday party.

He even went to jail because of it.

Xie Yunzhou was the one who scattered the rain of roses.” Shi Xu looked at the two of them.

He said helplessly, “Xi Xi is so outstanding, and she has many suitors by her side.

Isnt it a little hasty to decide on Xi Xis marriage now”

Father Shi asked, “Is it your idea to postpone the engagement party or Xi Xis idea”

Shi Xu replied, “Its my idea.”

“Lets wait until we ask Xi Xi tomorrow to decide whether we should hold the engagement party or not.” Father Shi made the final decision.

Mother Shi said coldly, “Alright! I knew it! When you saw that Ning Yu had returned, you were biased towards her!”

“Although Xi Xi isnt our biological daughter, shes a good child.

In the future, when she marries into the Sheng family, she can be considered to have someone to rely on…”


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