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It was hard to imagine that the cold Ning Yu would cry.

Tao Yuxuan was at a loss for words.

“When Sheng Yan is taken away, you will be the one crying!” Tao Yuxuan was exasperated.

“So be it.

I dont like Sheng Yan now anyway.” Shi Xi turned on the external speaker of her phone and began to remove her makeup.

“Then who do you like” It was time for Tao Yuxuans favorite gossip time.

She guessed excitedly, “Dont tell me you like Leng Qiankun

“Did he move you when he set off the fireworks for you last time Hes infatuated with you.

You can choose him.”

Shi Xi: “…What nonsense are you talking about You and Leng Qiankun are my friends in my heart.” Moreover, they were cannon fodder friends that she wanted to abandon but couldnt.

“Between a man and a woman, how can there be pure friendship” Tao Yuxuan chuckled.

She said ambiguously, “But Leng Qiankun is indeed not bad! Although his family background is not as good as Sheng Yans, he is completely devoted to you.

Also, he has already gone to jail for you.

It is normal for you to fall in love with someone else! Sheng Yan is just too pretentious!”

Shi Xi was speechless.

“I thought that you were a fan of Sheng Yan and me.”

She had been urging her to get engaged to Sheng Yan every day.

Those who did not know would have thought that Tao Yuxuan was her mother.

“You are my best friend.

Of course Im on your side!” Tao Yuxuan continued to gossip.

“Do you really not like Sheng Yan anymore Or did you quarrel with him What did he do to provoke you”

Shi Xi: …There was nothing she wanted to hear.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Shi Xi ignored her good friend and got up to open the door.

“Xie Yunzhou” Shi Xi looked at the person outside the door and was a little surprised.

“Why are you here”

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“I live next door to you.” Xie Yunzhou was still carrying the dishes from Jianglou Restaurant and said, “My assistant bought an extra supper.

Do you want to eat it together”

Shi Xis gaze fell.

The program teams dinner was a box lunch, and she did not eat a single bite.

It was not because she was picky about food, but because Han Chuan was supervising her not to eat dinner.

She was already too hungry, but when she smelled the aroma of the food, her fingers moved.

“Then I wont stand on ceremony.

Thank you!” Shi Xi turned sideways and invited Xie Yunzhou into the room, her eyes curved.

Xie Yunzhous assistant was so nice!

Xie Yunzhou, who had specially instructed his assistant to buy two late-night snacks: “…”

When Shi Xi returned to her room, she heard that the call that had not been hung up was still going on.

Tao Yuxuan: “Dont tell me that you have fallen in love with Xie Yunzhou Hes not some kind person.

I heard that he can even hit women!”

“If you choose him, you might as well choose Leng Qiankun!”

When Shi Xi heard this, she no longer dared to look at Xie Yunzhous expression.

That was a big villain!

Shi Xi quickly stepped forward and hung up the call.

Without any hesitation, she said to Xie Yunzhou, “Those words were said by Tao Yuxuan just now.

It has nothing to do with me.”

She was the first to shift the blame when she was in trouble.

Shi Xi was not a good person.

Xie Yunzhou was silent for a moment before saying, “I dont hit women.”

Shi Xi paused for a moment.

“I believe you.”If you dont hit women, you would just throw them into the river to feed the fish.

Shi Xi was in a low mood.

She really wanted to stay away from the plot!

“Lets have supper first.” Shi Xi helped to arrange the supper and asked, “Will you be staying next to me for the next few days”

Xie Yunzhou nodded.


Shi Xis eyes curved.

“Thats really a coincidence.”

It wasnt a coincidence.

Xie Yunzhou opened his chopsticks.

He knew that Shi Xi would stay in this hotel, so he specially arranged for her to stay on this floor.

Only the two of them stayed on this floor.


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