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There were a few times in between.

Han Chuan felt that if Ai Yi had not stopped him in the middle, Shuo Nan would have gotten his hands on it.

After all, Shuo Nan did not seem to have much brains.

When Shi Xi heard Han Chuans words, she frowned in confusion.

“The other teachers are going to the practice room.

Can I get off work now”

Then this money might not be too easy to earn, right

Han Chuan was expressionless.

“If they teach the theme song, will you know how to do it”

Shi Xi: “…No.”

Han Chuan: “Then wouldnt that be enough”

“They didnt let me learn it before!” Shi Xi felt wronged.

“Youre not a functional mentor.

Lets go,” Han Chuan said calmly.

A functional mentor could provide help to the trainees and provide them with teaching experience.

Meanwhile, Shi Xi stared at the title ofpopularity mentor.

In reality, she was just an ordinary guest.

After getting into the car, Shi Xi asked in puzzlement, “Why did this show invite me to be its mentor”

Could it be because she was good-looking

She had nothing to do with the wordidol!

Han Chuan said calmly, “The popularity mentor that was originally appointed was Quan Gaoyi.”

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Shi Xi was stunned for a moment.

“The one who wanted to get a divorce because his wife gave birth to a daughter” [Appeared in Chapter 19]

Han Chuan nodded.

“After his accident, all his endorsements and contracts were terminated, including [Star Idol], which he participated in.

“And because of the negative impact, the higher-ups are now strictly checking the traffic of celebrities, and [Star Idol] finally found you.”

Shi Xi still did not understand.

“Then they wouldnt have looked for me, would they Can Quan Gaoyi and I get the same pay”

“You wish.” Han Chuan did not understand why this rich young lady loved money so much.

He said, “Because of Quan Gaoyis accident, the program teams investment was withdrawn, and they could not afford to hire more famous celebrities.

Your background is clean, and your fame and topics just happen to complement the program.”

Shi Xi was expressionless.

“This is the first time I know that complementing can be used in this way.”

Han Chuan was speechless.

“By the way, can I learn that theme song” Shi Xi asked again.

“Do whatever you want.

Ill only accompany you for todays recording.” Han Chuan walked Shi Xi to the entrance of the hotel and said, “Ill return to Feng City tonight.

If theres anything, remember to call me.”

Shi Xi: “Okayy~”

Han Chuan walked Shi Xi to the hotel.

He did not get out of the car and rushed straight to the airport.

Shi Xi returned to her hotel room and turned on her phone.

There were too many messages.

Before she opened WeChat, Tao Yuxuans message popped up.

Tao Yuxuan: [When did you go to Yanjing You didnt even tell me! I didnt even throw you a farewell party.]

[After you left, didnt you just hand over the shares of the Shi family! Why didnt you pay attention!]

[And that Ning Yu, I see that she has bad intentions towards Sheng Yan.

She wants to seduce your fiancé every day! Hurry up and get engaged!]

Looking at these useless messages, Shi Xi only wanted to delete her from her friend list.

She tried every means to stay away from the male and female leads.

Tao Yuxuan tried every means to make her do bad things.

However, did Ning Yu really seduce Sheng Yan

Shi Xi asked, [Why did Ning Yu seduce Sheng Yan]

Tao Yuxuan replied immediately, [Sheng Yan went to your house to look for you.

It was Ning Yu who received him!]

Shi Xi asked, [What does that mean]

Tao Yuxuans call came immediately.

She said, “Sister, you better be careful!”

“Sheng Yan is so handsome and has a good family background.

Ning Yu came from a small place.

How could she not like him”

Shi Xi thought that Ning Yu indeed did not like him.

“Although Uncle and Aunt like you, Ning Yu is their biological daughter.

If Ning Yu cries and wants to marry Sheng Yan, what will happen then” Tao Yuxuan said bitterly.

Shi Xi thought for a moment and said, “Then I really want to see how Ning Yu looks when she cries.”



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