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Pei Jie stood to the side and was secretly happy for his teammate.

Shi Xi saw his expression and thought to herself,What are you happy for

‘Your teammate is a four-star trainee, but youre just a random cannon fodder!

As a trainee who was highly valued by the program team, Li Jinfan did indeed have some skills.

He chose a difficult song and performed it very well.

Shi Xi clapped from the bottom of her heart.

“You sang very well!”

Zheng Feicai smiled and said, “Whether its in terms of technique or emotions, you handled it very well.

I look forward to your performance in the future.”

Shen Hanquan also praised him and asked Li Jinfan a few more questions.

Li Jinfan had a lively personality.

Even if it was just answering questions, it made the atmosphere on the stage happy.

“I want to take a look at Pei Jies additional test.” Shuo Nan finally found a loophole and interjected.

Shi Xi tilted her head and looked over.

She didnt expect this Shuo Nan to cherish his talent so much!

He actually took the initiative to bring up something that wasnt even on the script.

Shen Hanquan nodded slightly.

“Then lets take a look at Pei Jies additional test.”

Although their entire process followed the script, if there were any discrepancies, they wouldnt be too conflicted.

As long as they allowed the person who was supposed to take the additional test to do so, it did not matter whether the others took the additional test or not.

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Shi Xi spun the pen in her hand and leaned slightly against the back of her chair as she looked at Pei Jie.


She was not allowed to watch the dance again in the dance studio.

Wasnt he still going to perform for her to see

Shi Xis eyes were filled with a smile.

She felt that this instructor was very happy to do so.

Pei Jie walked to the center of the stage and tried his best not to look at Shi Xi.

The music started playing.

The moment Pei Jie raised his eyes, his gaze was fierce and domineering.

Pei Jies performance was extremely outstanding.

Without the burden of his teammates, he could show off the results of his day and night training without any restraint.

His powerful explosive power caused the entire audience to cheer.

Even though Shi Xi had seen Pei Jies dance many times, she could not help but sigh.

Pei Jies dance was truly powerful.

When they reached the chorus, Pei Jies movements were even bigger and more powerful.

Pei Jie, who was standing on the stage, was even more charming than the dance studio.

The music stopped abruptly.

Pei Jies movements stopped and he took half a step back.

He inadvertently saw Shi Xi clapping.

Pei Jies face was a little embarrassed.

He had thought that Shi Xi would embarrass him, but he did not expect that he would be the one judging a gentleman with his petty heart.

Shen Hanquan also did not expect that this seemingly introverted trainee would have such explosive power.

He said with certainty, “Its very exciting!”

Pei Jie heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank you.”

The performance ended and it was time for the grading.

The five of them gave Li Jinfan an A grade and did not have any objections.

However, when it was Pei Jies turn, they had different opinions.

“I think we should give him a B grade.

His singing is average.” Zheng Feicai insisted on her own opinion.

Ai Yi also said, “There are many good dancers.

Even if he tries again, he will only be able to dance.

He wont be able to sing.”

“You wont be able to tell his singing from that song, but his dancing will definitely beat most people!” Shuo Nan guaranteed.

Shen Hanquan also gave him an A grade.

He and Shuo Nan had both learned how to dance, so they knew that Pei Jies performance was very good.

It all depended on Shi Xi.

“Eh, two As and two Bs.” Shi Xi smiled faintly.

“Looks like my vote is extremely important!”

Shuo Nan looked at Shi Xi with an expression as if he had eaten a fly.

Why did the final rating have to be determined by Shi Xi!!

“Shi Xi doesnt know anything about this.

Theres no need to listen to her opinion!” Shuo Nan abandoned Shi Xi and argued with Ai Yi, trying to get his votes.

“You should be able to feel that Pei Jies dancing is very explosive.

He definitely deserves an A!”

Although Ai Yi was a good person, he had his own principles.

“Youre an expert in dancing, but I only rate him based on my standards.

His vocal music is B in my opinion.”


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