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[She spent money to withdraw from the trending search.

Tsk tsk tsk, it seems to be true.]

[Just now when I searched S Xs Weibo, I saw that she seems to be a rich second generation everyday.

She probably didnt engage in unspoken rules.]

[The financier is gone.

Can anyone find out who the financier of S X is]

There were also sporadic discussions, but none of them dared to mention Shi Xis name.

They only dared to use the abbreviation S X instead.

Xie Yunzhou refreshed the page and looked at his phone screen.

Shi Xi had yet to reply to his message.

He believed that Shi Xi would not do such a thing.

He just felt unhappy when he saw the comments online.

These people clearly did not understand the truth, so they just spouted nonsense!

And Shi Xi, why didnt she answer her phone or reply to his message

Could she be crying

Thinking about how Shi Xi liked someone else, Xie Yunzhou felt a wave of frustration in his heart.


The next morning.

Shi Xi woke up from a dream-free night.

She picked up her phone to check the time and saw that there were 99 missed calls and 99 unread messages.

Shi Xi was confused.

What happened

PLease reading on Mybo x no v el.


Could it be that she had been hacked by the entire Internet

Shi Xi quickly opened her Weibo and realized that her Weibo unread message was also 99 .

Oh, it seemed that she had been on the hot searches last night.

Shi Xi looked at a few messages and roughly understood what was going on.

Meeting the director at night

They were all in the same production team.

Wasnt it normal for them to stay in the same hotel

Moreover, she clearly met Xie Yunzhou at night! How could she be meeting the director at night!

Shi Xi was very angry.

Consequences: None.

At this moment, a WeChat message popped up.

Xie Yunzhou: [Awake]

When Shi Xi saw the villains message, her hand trembled and her phone dropped on the bed.

Although she had added Xie Yunzhous WeChat, she was not ready to become friends with Xie Yunzhou on the Internet!

Shi Xi quickly clicked on it and realized that Xie Yunzhou had also sent her a message last night.

And she, who was sleeping soundly, did not reply at all.

Shi Xis face was ashen.

Dead, dead, dead, dead.

Could it be that next week would be her seventh day

Xie Yunzhou saw the WeChat message [The other party is typing], but he did not receive any reply.

He frowned slightly and immediately called.

Shi Xi had not thought about how to reply, but when she saw Xie Yunzhous WeChat call, her hand trembled again and she immediately rejected it.


Shi Xis heart was ashen:Today, Ill go pick a coffin that I like.


Xie Yunzhou saw that Shi Xi rejected his call, and his thin lips pursed tightly.

What was this fellow up to

Shi Xi mustered up the courage to call back.

Xie Yunzhou picked up the call.

“Why did you hang up just now”

“I accidentally made a mistake.” Shi Xi was determined not to die.

“W-what did Young Master Xie call for”

Xie Yunzhous eyes drooped slightly.

“What do you want to eat tonight”

Shi Xi was at a loss.


Xie Yunzhou asked, “Do you still want to go to Qingshui Restaurant”

He remembered that Shi Xi had eaten quite happily yesterday.

Shi Xi said, “Yes, yes.”

Using the excuse of having a dinner appointment, Xie Yunzhouconveniently expressed his concern for Shi Xi.

“Dont take the words on the Internet to heart.”

Shi Xi only wanted to laugh.

“The director is my uncle.

How could I have anything to do with him”

Xie Yunzhou: “”

Shi Xi looked at the time and said in surprise, “Ah, Im going to the production team.

See you tonight!”

Xie Yunzhou did not get angry after the call was hung up.

Instead, he was a little happy.

He dialed his assistants number.

“Check Shi Xis network.”


As an active worker, Shi Xi cursed the paparazzi who were spreading rumors in her heart.

She hurriedly got up and went to the production team.

Today, everyone in the production team was even more cautious of Shi Xi.

They were all in the entertainment industry and were well-informed.

Many of them ate melons until late at night.

They had long known that Shi Xi and the directors relationship was not shallow, but did not expect that kind of relationship.


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