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“Ahem, the two children are indeed very handsome!” The good old Ai Yi once again stepped forward to mediate and said, “Lets discuss the rating.”

The first stage was graded by the instructors.

Each instructor would write down the rating they wanted on a piece of paper.

Usually, the minority would obey the majority.

If the difference was too big, then they would discuss it.

There were almost no objections in this group.

Everyone gave them a D grade.

Only Zheng Feicai gave them an F because the two of them were out of tune.

Shen Hanquan said, “Please bring the next group of trainees to the stage.”

The performances that followed were unimpressive.

It was hard to find a stage that was worthy of praise.

Shi Xi looked at their performances and felt even more confident in herself.

Half an hour ago: Sob, sob, sob, how am I qualified to be a mentor!

Half an hour later: With all due respect, everyone here is trash.

However, there were not many opportunities to give Shi Xi comments.

Most of the time, it was Shen Hanquan and the others who gave the comments.

Shi Xi was too lazy to say anything more.

There was basically no room for her to perform on the stage.

It was clearly written on the stage that they were going to give an additional test to whoever, and they were going to ask whoever questions.

The five instructors on stage were all tool people.

Shi Xi was so happy that she wanted to go through the motions.

There should be a few more of these kinds of jobs that could earn money without talking!

After some mediocre low-star trainees went on stage, there were finally five-star trainees on stage.

Shi Xi lazily raised her eyes, wanting to see who the trainees that the program team could treat as five-star trainees were.

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The stage lit up and a group of five walked in.

Each of them had a confident smile on their faces.

The performance of this group was indeed excellent.

Although it was far inferior to the instructors shows, it was already a high-scoring stage among the trainees.

Among them, their C spot, Bai Cangyang, who had been questioned and given additional tests.

He was handsome and striking, his dance was smooth, and his vocal music passed.

After testing an original rap, the crowd was in an uproar.

No wonder he was treated as a five-star.

This ability was indeed outstanding.

After thediscussion of the five coaches, Bai Cangyang from this group received an A grade.

Shen Hanquan: “Congratulations, Bai Cangyang, an A grade.”

The stage lights flickered, and the background sound that belonged to an A grade rang out.

The lead of the entire venue was an A grade!

Bai Cangyangs face was filled with excitement and disbelief as he kept thanking them.

Shi Xi spun her pen, guessing that he probably did not even know that he had been marked with a five-star rating.

Otherwise, with his acting skills, he would not even need to be a trainee.

He could directly become an actor.

Shen Hanquan said, “Please send in the next group of trainees.”

Shi Xi flipped to the next page of her resume, and her eyes lit up.

Finally, it was Pei Jies turn.

The group that went onstage this time had a total of three people.

They were originally a group of eight people, but this time, three people had come.

Pei Jie was the captain, but there were no notes behind his name.

Instead, it was his teammate, Li Jinfan, who had four stars behind him, with the notes cue and the audition.

The corners of Shi Xis mouth curled up slightly.

She looked at Pei Jie, half gloating and half regretting.

It was a pity that the program team did not push him to the dance studio.

She had no intention of deliberately making things difficult for Pei Jie.

Pei Jie was handsome and cold, and when he smiled, he was also cold and indifferent.

However, Li Jinfan, who was in the same group, was different.

When he smiled, his large eyes almost narrowed.

His smile was bright and sunny, and his voice revealed his lively and outgoing personality, like a younger next-door neighbor.

The group performance began.

Shi Xi could see that the group dance was simpler than Pei Jies own practice, and it could even highlight the singing skills of his teammates.

This was especially true for Li Jinfans high notes.

He clearly looked like a young, but his high notes were as steady as an old dog, stunning the entire venue.

After the performance ended, there was a round of applause.

Zheng Feicai was very surprised and asked Li Jinfan to try singing.


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