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Shi Xi finally had some interest and continued to look at the resumes.

There was a total of 109 people.

Just looking at the resumes, she quickly finished looking through them.

Shen Hanquan smiled and said, “All the trainees have taken their seats.

Its our turn to go on stage.”

Shi Xi recalled the information on the script.

She couldnt remember.

This paragraph wasnt on the script!

Why Did everyone receive different scripts

Shi Xi smiled politely and followed them out of the meeting room.

Shen Hanquan brought a few people to the recording studio.

109 crystal chairs, 109 youths carrying their dreams.

The lights were dim, and the corners of Shuo Nans mouth curled up as he walked onto the stage first.

A beam of light shone on Shuo Nans body.

Shuo Nan lazily took a few steps forward, his gaze wanton and arrogant, carrying the unique arrogance of a youth.

The spectating trainees had already recognized Shuo Nan and were all shouting.

Clearly, Shuo Nan was very popular among this group of trainees.

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Shi Xi roughly understood this process.

It was the teachers opening show.

The music started playing and Shuo Nan immediately entered a state of concentration.

Every step he took was precisely on the beat, and his arms moved his body.

Shi Xi looked at the stage intently, her cherry lips slightly pursed.

As expected of a 19-year-old who was able to become a dance instructor and receive so many cheers.

There was indeed something there.

“Wah, wah, wah! Instructor Shuo Nan!!”

“So handsome!! Big Brother is so handsome!”

“Full marks! Explode the lights!”

The spectating trainees seemed to have turned into fangirls as they cheered for Shuo Nan on stage.

Shi Xi: …All of you can hold back a little.

The lights on the stage were dazzling as Shuo Nans dance steps became faster and faster.

In the end, he ended with a high-difficulty twist, causing the atmosphere to reach a climax.

Listening to the shouts from below the stage, Shuo Nan tugged at his collar slightly.

His eyes looked lazily at the camera as he made his final ending.

The applause instantly became even more enthusiastic, and the people below the stage wished they could smash their hands.

Shi Xis good impression of Shuo Nan fell to rock bottom once again the moment he acted cool.

Only after Shuo Nan left the stage did he catch his breath.

The performance just now was extremely exhausting.

In order to show that he did it effortlessly, he only dared to catch his breath after he left the stage.

Shi Xi took in everything.

Next, it was Ai Yis turn to go on stage.

Ai Yi was slightly chubby and looked amiable.

He seemed like a good person to get along with.

But after he took the microphone, he seemed like a different person.

He was a fierce rapper.

Shi Xi didnt know how to rap, but after seeing Ai Yis rap, she deeply understood how difficult it was to be an artist.

The trainees went into a frenzy again.

Which boy didnt love rap

After Ai Yis rap ended, there was a round of applause from the audience.

Shi Xi clapped her hands.

She had heard Ai Yis rap before, but it was a different feeling to hear it live.

Then came the vocal music teacher, Zheng Feicais stage.

Zheng Feicai was nearly forty years old, but she had maintained herself well.

She was still a beauty, and her vocal range spanned several degrees.

Her bass was soft and graceful, and her high notes were effortless.

After a song, the music lingered.

Finally, it was Shen Hanquans stage.

Compared to the previous few people, Shen Hanquan was more like an all-rounder.

Shen Hanquan, who came from an idol background, had handsome features.

His short black hair was cool and handsome, and his eyes were calm and domineering.

He could sing and dance well, and his rap was also very outstanding.

He gave the trainees a complete singing and dancing stage.

Shi Xi could not take her eyes off him and could not help but say, “Hes so amazing!”

He could sing and dance at the same time, and his voice did not tremble at all.

Shuo Nan stood beside Shi Xi and chuckled, “For Shen Hanquan to have his current fame, he naturally has some skills.”

“Unlike some people, they can easily obtain the position that others want with just a face.”

With that said, Shuo Nan took a deep look at Shi Xi.


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