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The simple bracelet had beenrepaired by Xie Yunzhou for a day, and now it had changed its appearance.

The plastic bracelet turned into a bright silver color, with broken diamonds dangling from it.

The pink diamond in the middle turned into a real pink diamond.

It was crystal clear under the sunlight, shining with a dazzling light.

“This is my bracelet” Shi Xi couldnt believe her eyes.

“Yes.” Xie Yunzhou didnt even blink his eyes and said, “Its just a little something added.”

‘How is this a little something added

‘Other than this plastic bag that I gave you, everything else is added!

Shi Xi said with a complicated feeling, “Is there a mistake”

“No, that diamond of yours isnt shiny enough, so I gave you another one.” Xie Yunzhou asked, “Shall I help you put it on”

Shi Xi reached out her hand.

“Thank you.”

Xie Yunzhou untied the clasp of the bracelet, adjusted the position of the bracelet, and put it on her.

Looking at the man who was very close to her, Shi Xi smelled the faint scent of sandalwood on his body.

It was a very faint scent.

Was it his sandalwood bracelet

Shi Xi stared at Xie Yunzhous wrist.

“Shi Xi, its time to go downstairs — sorry, I didnt see anything.” Han Chuan pushed the door open and entered.

He saw Shi Xi and a man leaning against each other.

The two of them looked intimate, as if they were kissing.

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Han Chuan turned around with great discernment.

“Its fine even if you see it.” Shi Xi waved her hand.

“Hes putting a bracelet on me.”

When Xie Yunzhou lowered his head to put the bracelet on the girl just now, it did indeed look like he was lowering his head to kiss her.

Han Chuan looked at Xie Yunzhou and then at Shi Xi.

“Go and record.” Xie Yunzhou raised his hand to rub Shi Xis hair.

“Im going to work.”

Shi Xi did not avoid his big hand.

She hurriedly went to the bathroom to check if her hair was messy.

When she came out again, Xie Yunzhou had already left.

“Whats your relationship with him” Han Chuan had a complicated look in his eyes.

“Ah” Shi Xi was confused.

“Me and Xie Yunzhou”

Han Chuan glanced at the breakfast on the table.

It was obvious that it was for two people.

He asked, “Were you together last night”

“Youre thinking too much.” Shi Xi said helplessly, “He came on a business trip and gave me a bracelet on the way.”

Han Chuan was still looking at the breakfast on the table.

“He also gave you breakfast on the way”

“Probably” Shi Xi didnt understand why Xie Yunzhou was so nice to her.

“Maybe hes trying to curry favor with me because hes working with my brother”

Thinking about Xie Yunzhous recent behavior, Shi Xi nodded and said thoughtfully, “Probably.”

“Forget it.

Lets go to the recording studio first.

Dont let them wait.” Han Chuan decided not to think too much about it.

As long as Shi Xi was not in the mood to fall in love, it would be fine.

Shi Xi followed behind Han Chuan and got into the car that was going to the recording studio.

In the car, Shi Xi was still thinking about the dance that she was going to perform on her first stage.

She had already gotten used to it in the dance studio.

There was no way she would make a mistake.

She had to perform a stunning dance!

She would never be a vase!

The car stopped and Shi Xi got out of the car.

She held her head high and puffed out her chest as she strode into the recording studio.

A staff member led the way and brought Shi Xi to a separate dressing room to do her hair and makeup.

When Shi Xi saw this small dressing room, she asked, “Am I alone”

The makeup artist smiled and said, “The director has instructed that this dressing room is for you to use alone.”

Shi Xi: …Isnt the treatment too good

Could she be from the legendary royal family

She wont be scolded, right

As Shi Xi thought of this, she suddenly felt a little guilty.

After redoing her makeup and hair, Shi Xi looked at herself in the mirror, unable to take her eyes off her.

The girl in the mirror was really too beautiful!


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