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When Shi Xi arrived at the hotel, the crew came to greet her.

They delivered drinks and led the way.

They were extremely attentive to Shi Xi.

After entering the hotel elevator, Shi Xi asked, “Are the other trainees staying here as well”

Before the recording, the trainees would stay in the hotel temporarily.

Then, they would go to the recording location on the day of the recording.

The staff member said, “Yes, they usually stay on the 14th to 15th floors, while you stay on the 16th floor.”

Shi Xi: Special treatment.

The C spot was secured.

Although she did not know who helped her get through the connections behind the scenes, thank you.

“Ill do a good job recording, thank you.” Shi Xi took the room card and realized that she was still in a single room, which made her even happier.

Was this the treatment of being rich and powerful

It was way too happy!

Han Chuan reminded her a few more times.

The gist of it was to let her perform well in the show.

She should speak human language to others and nonsense to ghosts.

“Also, dont get too close to the opposite s*x,” Han Chuan said seriously.

Shi Xi wanted to say that the show was full of girls, so there was no opposite s*x.

Then she thought that the mentor was probably a man, so she said, “Dont worry, I definitely wont seek death.”

Han Chuan nodded.

“Then you rest first.

Ill go and talk to the director.

If you have any problems, call me.”

Shi Xi waved her hand casually.

“Goodbye, Brother Han.”

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When it was time for dinner, Shi Xi wanted to go to the hotels restaurant for dinner and meet her future friends in advance.

However, the waiter brought over dinner, disrupting Shi Xis pace.

Shi Xi could only put on a face mask to prepare for the upcoming tough battle.

The next day.

Shi Xi woke up early in the morning to put on makeup and change.

She was going to set off at 9 oclock, and Shi Xi packed up at 8:30.


She would go to the restaurant for breakfast, and then she could set off immediately!

There was a knock on the door.

Shi Xi thought it was Han Chuan, so she opened the door.

“Xie, Xie Yunzhou” Shi Xi looked at the person outside the door and said in surprise, “Why are you here”

“To bring you breakfast.” Xie Yunzhou carried the breakfast bag in his hand and said, “Also, to bring you the bracelet that you want glued.”

Shi Xi turned to let him in and said with some guilt, “Its just a small matter.

Im sorry to trouble you to come personally.”

No, wasnt Xie Yunzhou in Feng City

“When did you come to Yanjing” Shi Xi asked in surprise.

“Last night.” When Xie Yunzhou saw the girls expression, he guessed what she was thinking and said, “I came to Yanjing on a business trip.”

“Is that so…” Shi Xi did not doubt him.

Father Shi or Shi Xu would also go on a business trip for three to five days or a week at a time.

The timing was uncertain.

“Lets eat first.” Xie Yunzhou placed the breakfast on the table.

It was the xiao long bao and soybean milk that Shi Xi liked to eat and drink.

Shi Xi sat down and her beautiful big eyes curved.

“Thank you! Then I wont stand on ceremony!”

Xie Yunzhou was Shi Xus friend, and Shi Xu was her brother.

Then Xie Yunzhou could be considered her brother!

Xie Yunzhou sat opposite Shi Xi and had breakfast with her.

Shi Xi asked, “How long will you be in Yanjing”

“About half a month.” Xie Yunzhou asked, “What about you How long will you be filming”

“Im not sure yet.

At least a month” Shi Xi calculated the time.

Even if it was a round of elimination, it should still be able to last for a month.

Xie Yunzhou replied, “If theres anything, you can look for me.”

Shi Xu was far away in Feng City and was not as close as he was.

Shi Xi nodded.

“Alright, alright!”

If she could gain the favor of a big shot villain, she would be more than happy to do so!

After breakfast, Xie Yunzhou returned Shi Xis bracelet.

“Your bracelet has been repaired.”

Shi Xi took the bracelet and her mouth twitched.

Was this the cheap bracelet that she had spent 15 yuan on!

How did the street goods become real in just one night!



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