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Fortunately, Shi Xu came back in time and stopped their conversation.

“Brother!” When Shi Xi saw Shi Xu, her eyes curved.

“I came back to pack my things.

Im going to Yanjing today.”

“Isnt the recording tomorrow” Shi Xu frowned and asked, “Why are you leaving today”

“Yes, they asked me to come earlier tonight.

The recording will start tomorrow.” Shi Xi shook his arm.

“I wont wait for Mom and Dad.

You can tell them.”

Shi Xu ruffled Shi Xis hair.

“Are you afraid that Mom and Dad will say that you dyed your hair”

Shi Xi stuck out her tongue.

Although Shi Xis parents did not object to her dying her hair, seeing such an outstanding hair color, the conservative middle-aged people still felt a little conflicted.

“Go ahead.

Ill get the driver to send you to the airport later.” Shi Xus eyes were full of affection for his younger sister.

“Theres no need.

Han Chuan will pick me up later,” Shi Xi said, “Ill go upstairs and tidy up first!”

Watching his sister jumping up and down the stairs, Shi Xu turned to look at Xie Yunzhou and said helplessly, “Im sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“No problem.” Xie Yunzhou looked upstairs.

“Why is Shi Xi going to Yanjing”

“To record a program.” Shi Xu smiled gently and did not elaborate.

Shi Xi was in his company, so he would naturally protect her well and not let her get hurt.

Xie Yunzhou retracted his gaze.

He would investigate the details that Shi Xu was unwilling to reveal.

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After Shi Xi packed her things, she set off on the road to Yanjing.

She was definitely going to debut in the C slot for this stop!

For this, Shi Xi even watched all the talent shows and decided to nurture herself into a vase person who worked hard and made progress.

She was so good-looking, her family had some money, and the company had some influence.

She would buy a few more trending searches and let Shi Xu hold them up.

Wasnt the C spot a sure thing

Shi Xi was dreaming.

On the way to Yanjing, Shi Xi had already dreamed of herself winning the C spot and giving a speech on stage.

“Thank you, Mom and Dad, thank you, Brother, thank you, Sister, thank you for my own beauty.

I worked too hard.”

“Wake up, were in Yanjing.” Han Chuan nudged Shi Xi and pulled her down from the C seat.

Shi Xi rubbed her eyes and said tiredly, “Were here”

“Okay, I can only stay here with you for two days.” Han Chuan said seriously, “After youre on the show, remember to be careful with your words and actions.

Dont let others catch you.”

Shi Xi nodded.

“Dont worry, I wont say anything.”

Han Chuan looked at Shi Xis hair color and wanted to say something, but he stopped himself.

Shi Xis hair color was too outstanding.

It was quite good to walk through the airport with her mesmerizing face.

“Lets take the VIP channel,” Han Chuan said regretfully.

“Put on a mask.”

This recording had to be kept a secret.

They could not lose the big one for the small one.

The two of them left through the VIP channel and were not caught by the paparazzi at the airport.

However, after avoiding the paparazzi, they bumped into two men they did not know.

The man in white stared at the side of Shi Xis face and stopped in his tracks.

The other man in black asked, “What are you looking at”

“That person seems to be Auntie.”

“Auntie” The man in black turned around and saw a head of pink hair.

He said speechlessly, “Are you talking about that person with pink hair Would Auntie be so trendy to dye a three-dimensional pink hair”

“Maybe she just looks like her.”

“Aunties hair isnt that long.”

“Maybe its a wig”

“Shut up, Auntie is calling!” The man in black picked up the phone and ended the conversation.

Auntie called and softly expressed her concern before hanging up.

The man in white could not help but say, “It really looks like her.”

The man in black said, “I think you look like a r*tard too.”


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