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When she returned to the Shi family home, Shi Xi had just stepped into the living room when she saw Xie Yunzhou sitting on the sofa.

“Why are you here” Shi Xi asked in puzzlement.

She remembered that the Shi family and Xie Yunzhou didnt have much interaction.

Xie Yunzhou hadnt even been invited to her previous birthday banquet.

He still came uninvited.

“Waiting for Shi Xu.” Xie Yunzhou couldnt help but look at Shi Xis hair.

“You dyed your hair again”

This time, Shi Xi had dyed her hair with cherry blossom powder.

There was even some gold in the middle that glittered under the sunlight, making her look even more dazzling.

Her skin was already white, and with the pink color, it made her look even whiter than snow.

“Yeah, do I look good” Shi Xi flipped her hair, and there was a smile in her eyes.

“I even got a card.

If you want to dye your hair… Ahem, I didnt say anything just now.”

Halfway through her sentence, Shi Xi hurriedly stopped.

She could dye her own hair, but how could the big boss villain step into the endless abyss of hair dye

The president never dyed his hair.

“It looks good.” Xie Yunzhou did not delve into what Shi Xi had said and said, “The hair color from before also looks good.”

No matter what, it looked good.

Hearing the praise, Shi Xi said happily, “Thank you.”

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Even her displeasure from being cheated of money was swept away.

When she thought of being cheated of money, the smile on Shi Xis face froze again.

She asked the maid, “Do you have glue”

The maid said, “Water The lawn outside has already been watered today.”

Shi Xi took out her broken bracelet and said, “I mean, the glue that sticks things.”

The maid said, “…Ill go get it right away.”

“Okay.” Shi Xi sat down on the sofa while waiting for the maid to take a break.

She then instructed, “Right, serve the guests tea.”

Xie Yunzhou: “Ive already drunk two cups of tea.”

Shi Xi: “Then youve been waiting for quite a while”

Xie Yunzhou: “…Shi Xu met a traffic jam on the road.”

“I see.” Shi Xi took out a box of snacks from under the table in the living room and said, “Do you want some”

Xie Yunzhou looked at the small snacks on it and was silent for a moment.

“Thank you, but theres no need.”

Shi Xi had no choice but to eat a cotton candy for herself.

“What do you want to stick” Xie Yunzhou asked.

“This.” Shi Xi held the cotton candy in one hand and picked up the plastic bag with the other hand and handed it to Xie Yunzhou.

Xie Yunzhou took it and fell into deep thought.

He couldnt think of any reason why this thing needed to be glued together.

The only place this thing belonged to was the trash can.

Xie Yunzhou asked, “Who gave this bracelet to you”

Other than having a special meaning, he couldnt think of any other possibilities.

Shi Xi said, “I just bought it.”

Xie Yunzhou fell into deep thought again and saw the price on it.

It dropped the diamond right after she bought it.

It really matched well with the trash can.

“Do you like this bracelet very much” Xie Yunzhou asked.

“Its alright.” Shi Xi didnt like it very much either.

She only dyed her hair pink and felt that this thing matched the color of her hair very well.

She had a momentary impulse and bought it impulsively.

At this moment, the maid brought the glue that was used to glue the shoes over.

“This bracelet needs special glue to be glued properly.” Xie Yunzhou put away the bracelet.

“Ill help you glue it properly before returning it to you.”

When Shi Xi heard that, she said, “Its too troublesome.

This bracelet isnt expensive either.

Its fine if its lost.”

It was just that she felt a little indignant that she had been cheated of money.

“Its fine.

Im not the one whos going to glue it.” Xie Yunzhou put away the bracelet.


For such a matter, if he gave an order, someone would naturally help him do it.

When Shi Xi saw that he had already stuffed his bracelet into his pocket, she could only say “Thank you.”

She couldnt reach into his pocket and pull it back, could she

There was no way.


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