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“It indicates direction,” Endric added as he turned to face the south once again, causing the glow to increase compared to the other direction he turned in.

“Which means, south is the way to go,” Angy voiced out with a look of understanding.

“No,” Endric shook his head as he turned north which caused the ribbon to dim even more than the other directions.

“South will take us to where the Yellow strip is located which means well have to head north since our color group is meant to find the green strip,” Aildris voiced out as he figured it out from Endrics response.

“Correct… we have to head in the opposite direction,” Endric nodded as he gave the confirmation.

Everyones eyes widened in realisation as they heard this.

They couldnt believe they almost took the wrong step.

It was easy to mistake this which meant that a lot of participants would definitely make this mistake and head in the wrong direction due to misunderstanding from the glow of the ribbons.

They had to admit Endric was pretty smart.

“Lets go then,” Aildris voiced as they turned towards the North and began to make his way forward.

The others followed after him as well and Angy charged forward to scout the surroundings on their behalf.

At this point only around twenty minutes were left before they ran out of time to complete the first phase of the selection.

In another area of the icy region, some other participants had made it down as well and started making their way towards the required spots.

As expected some of them didnt figure out that they were supposed to head in the opposite direction of the brighter glow.

It was unknown how long it would take them to get to the objective so who knew whether they could salvage the situation or not.

“The sea of lava like flames here are just as dangerous as the ones above.

Luckily the platforms here are much stable than the icy ones above,”

A girl voiced out within a group clad in brownish and green outfit.

“Dandy, are you sure were going in the right direction though” Another boy in the group with a yellow scaled face questioned.

The others also had looks of doubt as the boy asked this question.

“Yes… it only makes sense for us to head in the opposite direction.

Didnt I already explain to you guys” Dandy who was a beauty with red skin and vampire like canines responded.

The others still had looks of reluctance and doubt as they leaped from one brownish platform to the other, following after Dandy who seemed like the leader here.

Within an unknown and isolated area, the people in charge of the selection watched the participants as they moved towards where they suspected their designates strip to be.

“As expected… more than 70% of them area headed in the wrong direction,” The man in white outfit voiced as he stared at the massive holographic screen in front.

“At least some figured out the misunderstanding and are headed the right way,” The lady beside him stated.

“For now they are…” The man in white responded with an ominous tone.

“The real challenge comes when the glow completely disappear before they arrive at the strip,” The lady voiced out once more.

“What do you think will happen when they arrive at that point and the other 70% also figures out their mistake” The man in white questioned.

“When they come to that realisation… things will get intense,” She responded with tone of different implications.

The man in white already understood what she meant by this.

Despite not being a requirement, conflict was unavoidable in the end.

“It dimmed… completely,” Matilda mentioned while holding out the greenish ribbon.

The others could see this as well and looked around, observing the surroundings.

“What do we do now” Another person on the green team who had been following them from the start questioned.

Endric looked straight up ahead and there was really no brownish platform up ahead.

Southeast and southwest of their direction had brownish platforms but looking straight up they could only see sea of flames.

“Do we go left or do we go right” Falco had a confused expression as he questioned.

“Even if we wanted to take the left and find a way to make a turn later up ahead when we find a platform to move on, there is no guarantee that we would be right on track…”

“We might end up being off and miss the yellow strip,”

Aildris and Glade voiced out one after the other.

“I could go scout,” Angy said as she prepared to run but Endric grabbed her by the arm before she could leave.

“We might have a faster way,” He stated causing the rest to show looks of curiosity.

Endric took a step forward and stretched out his hand.

His eyes gleamed with a silvery blue color as an invisible telekinetic wave spread forth from him.


Just this little release of energy made everyone realise that Endric was actually a lot powerful than they realised.

“The sea of flames extend for as long as forty five thousand feet without any platform to stand on,” Endric revealed as his eyes dimmed and returned to normal.

“Thats no short distance…” Teemee voiced out.

A smile appeared on E.Es face at this point as he took a step forward.

Endric moved to the side as he already expected this.

“My vortex can appear that far… now that I have an estimate of the distance…” E.E voiced out as he stretched his hand forward.


A large purple vortex appeared in the next instant.

“Lets go,” E.E yelled out as he jumped in.

Everyone proceeded to jump in as well without questioning him.

The others trusted E.E while the ones that were not originally a part of the group of ten had no choice but to follow.

They didnt want to start navigating the entire place themselves.

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