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As an Innate monster, no matter how much El changes, it's not surprising, on the contrary, the change in Kuina was shocking.

In the past three years, Kuina's physical fitness has improved, making the power of her lightning become much stronger, now she can easily create a lightning disaster just like the god of lightning descending.

In addition to that, she also succeeded in comprehending the breath of all things and became a master swordsman.

The lightning swordsmanship she created made her step into the realm of master swordsmen and became an invincible monster in swordsmanship, with her extremely fast speed it is very scary to face her.

In the past three years, she has also mastered Six styles (Rokushiki) and developed some of her own lightning variation skills.

For example, the Shave (Soru) that is integrated into the electric field enables Kuina to not only teleport without hindrance after opening the electric field but even move at a high speed and appear in any position covered by the electric field regardless of obstacles.

When Kuina reaches the pinnacle of her strength, she may really be able to reproduce the glory of her ancestors, and with just one move she can kill any enemy and become the strongest swordswoman in the world.

In addition to swordsmanship, Kuina's physique became stronger, and also made her physical skills attainment, completely abuse Carina and Nami.

As the invincible devil fruit, the comprehensiveness of Rumble-Rumble Fruit, as long as the physique of the user becomes stronger, whether it is swordsmanship or physical skill or even just the power of the lightning, it will become extremely powerful and with the integration of lightning, it makes her like a Glint-Glint Fruit user in terms of speed.

In the past three years, including Perona who join the team last, awaken and master the two types of Haki, the reason why they can master the two types of Haki at this age.

In addition to the Armament Haki training method given by Koushirou, which is the most complete Haki training method system like The spirit of Nine Snake, and the effects of nutritional supplements, we also need to talk about the accident in the past three years.

one day, three years ago, Nami, who personally kill her enemy with her own hands in East Blue and sublimate her will, became the first member of the four girls to awaken her Armament Haki, just as El had thought, then she and Kuina and carina practice and turn into Asura form with Three Heads and Six Arms just like usual.

Kuina, who absorbs the knowledge and experience from Nami successfully awakens her Armament Haki a week later and shares the Radio wave with the other girls.

This scene gave El a new conjecture about Asura Form, so he let Carina, Kuina, and Perona combine again, allowing Perona to experience and use the Armament Haki.

Sure enough, Perona only spent a few days to also successfully awaken the Armament Haki.

After confirming this conjecture, El resolutely went on the stage in person and enter the Asura's form with Carina and Kuina, allowing them to experience his observation and Conqueror Haki.

The two girls did not disappoint him, and it only took them less than a month to awaken their Observation Haki, it's a pity that they failed to awaken their Conqueror Haki.

Through the Asura's form, the two girls all remember that feeling and went through targeted training, then they finally grasped that invisible feeling and awaken the observation Haki.

This is the shocking growth of the four girls in these three years, at this age, they master two types of Haki, even if they are placed in Kuja Tribe they are very good female fighters.

Compared with Kuina, who has made rapid progress in Six styles (Rokushiki), the three other girls are a little bit weaker, except for being able to physically abuse Kuina, Carina only masters the Six styles (Rokushiki) and did not develop her own variation skills.

Nami's physical skill is far inferior to two and she has not mastered all of the Six styles (Rokushiki).

However, her Flame-Flame Fruit temperature has skyrocketed over the three years.

The biggest reason for the disappearance of the forest area was that Nami was playing with fire in the forest.

Only Perona who was last to join has the smallest improvement in strength among the four girls.

Although she is the eldest among the five, Perona does not have the willpower of the four, which took them a year to develop the habit of getting up early to train every day.

Just like in the original manga, she is a house girl who likes to hide in her room and play outside with her soul.

Therefore, Perona who doesn't like to practice, even if Kuina uses "electrotherapy" to help her digest nutrients, making her able to drink two bottles of nutritional supplements every day, until now she only master Shave (Soru) and Moonwalk (Geppo) which are good for escape.

If it were for entering Asura Form, Perona would not even be able to awaken her two types of Haki.

For Perona's 'laziness', El has no comment, because Perona's position on the team is to hide and control behind the scene.

Kuina, Nami, and Carina's, Asura form is the main force of the team.

Without using the Asura form, Carina is the deputy commander and thinker of the team.

Kuina is the warrior who was in charge of the front line.

Nami is the "Mage" who hides behind the "Warrior" and only deals spell damage.

Perona is the "support" who hides behind the "Warrior" and "Mage" and uses control skills on the enemy.

In three years, El and the four girls have grown strong enough.

In addition to being young, their bodies' strengths are no longer weak.

They are no longer worried that they will be ambushed and calculated by Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters and be eliminated while they are young in advance.

However, as the price of becoming stronger, El and the four girls lost in three years is no small amount.

As mentioned earlier, the value of each bottle of nutritional supplement is between 2 million to 2.5 million Belly.

After the long-term cooperation between El and the four girls and the largest pharmacy store on drum island, he successfully reduced the price of medicinal herbs for a bottle of nutritional supplement to two million Belly without any change over the past three years.

In the past three years, Carina, Kuina, and him need three bottles of nutritional supplements a day, as for Nami and Perona, they need two bottles a day.

Five people need to spend 26 million Belly on a day worth of nutritional supplements, in three years El and the four girls spent an astronomical figure of 28.47 billion Belly on the nutritional supplements.

It is no exaggeration to say that the largest pharmacy that provides medicinal herbs for them, as well as the wholesaler who specializes in providing medicinal herbs for pharmacies, earn a big amount of money in this transaction.

If it weren't for their gold which is at 100 billion Belly, they couldn't afford and achieved such a big growth in the past three years.

To use the vocabulary of the game industry to describe the growth of El and the four girls, it would be.

Pay to win really make people stronger.


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