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Perona, who has still a pure heart, made a pinky swear with El, and her fear for him instantly eliminated most of it.

At the same time, she doesn't feel uncomfortable anymore about being forced to join El's team, but she has a sense of mission in her heart.

Joining El's team is not only for herself but also to save Moria-sama and help him when he faces an enemy that he can't defeat.

Thinking of this, Perona, whose brain circuit was originally strange, produced an inexplicable sense of pride and satisfaction.

Seeing the changes in her heart, El smiled secretly in his heart.

As expected of the three girls, they are not simple girls.

Fortunately, she was adopted by Gecko Moria when she was a child, and now she was kidnapped by him.

If she fell into the hands of others and she must have been sold but she was still helping by counting the money.

With the addition of Perona, the team also changed from a team of four to a team of five.

A little over a year has passed since El went to sea, in more than a year, El has also changed from being alone to a person with a bounty of up to 250 million Belly and four devil fruit users around him, two of them are high-level element devil fruit users and two top-level Paramecia users.

If it weren't for El, who would be only ten years old in a few months, he would have been a winner in life.

Next, in order to gain Perona's favor, El carried Gecko Moria and put it back in the castle's room.

Then he found the genius surgeon, Hogback, who was hiding and asked him to treat Gecko Moria.

Finally, he left a time for Perona to say goodbye, and the four cremated the body of Ryuma Shimotsuki.

During this time, El did not tell Kuina that the corpse in the coffin was actually her ancestor.

Since Koushirou didn't tell Kuina that they were actually from Wano, El naturally wouldn't talk too much.

When there is time to return to East Blue in the future, he will have a good chat with Koushirou.

After Ryuma Shimotsuki was cremated, El and the three girls go to the treasury to get the treasure that Gecko Moria had accumulated for a year in the Florian Triangle.

Just like what El said to Perona, in the pirate World the winner-take-all and rules everything.

If the two sides are tied, El doesn't mind exchanging treasure for Black Sword, Shusui, but Gecko Moria does not have that strength.

Now that Gecko Moria was defeated, the fate of him and his fleet was decided by El.

If he wanted to, he could behead Gecko Moria, If he doesn't want to, he will be spared.

In exchange for his life, El took Perona and the treasure he had accumulated.

After evacuating all the treasures of the "Gecko Pirates", Perona also said goodbye to her companions and left a farewell letter to the comatose Gecko Moria.

she Brings a suitcase of clothes and shoes, and Perona begins her new life.

After returning to the "Pegasus", El and the four girls drove the ship out of the Thriller Bark and returned to the Water 7 along the original road.

Nami and Kuina were at the helm, while El and Carina brought Perona to the upper floor of the cabin and let Perona choose a room for herself.

When he was in the kingdom of Alabasta, El had the idea of ​​recruiting big sister Nico Robin, so naturally, he considered the issue of a new companion joining in the future.

So a total of five separate rooms and suites which are connected rooms are prepared on the upper floor of the cabin

El and the three girls, who are used to opening a luxury suite on the island, did not choose a separate room but lived in a suite.

the three girls are also used to sleeping with El, and when they are not together when they wake up and go out of the room, they go into his room and make trouble.

Perona, who has not yet fully integrated into the team, naturally did not dare to live in the large suite with the four so she chose a separate room.

When the "Pegasus" left the Florian Triangle, it was already dusk.

When Perona set her things up and walked out of the room and goes to the balcony, she saw the four at the deck barbequing.

"Perona, let's get acquainted with the family."

Feeling the appearance of Perona's aura, El who was cutting meat with Kuina with his superb knife skills immediately waved to Perona and shouted

"Oh, oh...ok!"

Perona responded in a daze, and then trotted down the stairs of the balcony.

After Perona came to their side, El put down the kitchen knife and pointed at Kuina who was cutting the meat on the opposite side, and Carina, who was stringing meat, and Nami torching the fire, and introduced: "My name is El, the one in front on me is Kuina, the girl with purple hair who was stringing the meat was Carina and the girl with orange hair next to her is Nami"


Please advise me in the future, Perona." Carina said with a smile

"Please also give me some advice in the future, Perona" Nami on the side also smiled and said.

The heroic Kuina also put down the kitchen knife in her hand and smiled at Perona with a friendly smile.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you before."

"No...it's alright.

Looking at the sincere faces of the three girls, Perona, who was originally nervous, suddenly felt a warm feeling in her heart.

In the Thriller Bark, she has never been friends with her peers, including her most respected Moria-sama.

Perona is actually speechless by this strange feeling just now, but in her heart, she doesn't hate this feeling.

"In the future...

please give me more advice!"

then they saw Perona showing a smile to the three girls, and bowed in return.

She was put into a coma at the beginning of the battle, and she didn't ask El and the three girls how they knew her name.

Needless to say, they must have learned about it through the mouths of the Absalom, or Gecko Moria.

As not everyone knows that the teenager next to her has the ability to read memories.

At the end of the self-introduction, a special event for Perona's joining officially started.

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