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After the Black Sword, Shusui was obtained, his last goal this year has also been completed.

Next, they can find a suitable place and start a three-year retreat.

Looking at the corpse of Ryuma Shimotsuki in the coffin, El thought for a while and decided to take his corpse out of this place.

No matter what, Ryuma Shimotsuki is still kuina's ancestor.

Based on their current relationship, Koushiro must be one of his fathers-in-law in the future.

Therefore, El and Ryuma Shimotsuki are more or less related.

In addition, he takes the Black Sword, Shusui, so he should not let the corpse of Ryuma Shimotsuki continue to be shown insolence by Gecko Moria for taking his sword.

El decides to take away the corpse of Ryuma Shimotsuki, and asks Nami to cremate it with her devil fruit ability later.

Carrying the coffin out of the castle, El returned to the area of ​​the cemetery.

Beside the ravine that was particularly frightening, El soon saw four young girls, standing beside a 'corpse'.

In addition to his three companions, the other girl is naturally Perona who has woken up.

"Nii-san, is this the Shusui"

"What a cool appearance, the black scabbard, matches your robes very well, Nii-san."

Seeing El's return, Carina and Nami immediately noticed the Black Sword, Shusui on his waist.

Looking at the Black Sword, Shusui that matched El's black robes, Carina and Nami immediately stepped forward and looked at the Sword carefully.

"it's indeed the Black Sword, Shusui"

Putting the coffin on the ground, El took out the Shusui and Wado Ichimonji on his waist, handed the former to the two girls, and returned the latter to Kuina.

After doing this, El's eyes just rested on Perona, who was secretly looking at him with a timid expression on her face.

Perona, who is only 14 years old this year, already has a double ponytail hairstyle and is wearing a custom black princess dress and red shoes that tend to look extraordinary.

She has not yet become a non-mainstream girl at the age of 23 in the original manga.

It can be seen that Perona has not yet become a "Ghost Princess" who has been accustomed to using negative ghosts when she debuted, to scare and defeated the outsiders who enter the Thriller Bark and bring them to Gecko Moria, whose shadows have to be cut off.

Before defeating hundreds of ships every year, and developing her self-confidence over the ten years.

The current Perona still has a little bit of inferiority of an orphan, and the feels lonely because of what she experienced since she was a child, like being regarded as a monster since can create ghosts.

Even if she was adopted by Gecko Moria, Perona, who gradually gained confidence, became an otaku girl who would hide in her room when she had nothing to do and play with her zombie doll.

When their eyes meet, Perona was so frightened that she averted her eyes and lowered her head, not daring to look directly at El.

Seeing the 'fear' in Perona's heart, El could only smile helplessly, obviously, beating Gecko Moria half to death terrified this girl.

After all, for Perona, Gecko Moria is her father and every father is the guardian on his children's hearts

And the El who beat her father, in Perona's heart, is undoubtedly the existence of the Great Demon King level.

It seems that if Perona wants to integrate into their team, he must eliminate the fear in her heart.

So, El showed a gentle smile to Perona: "Carina and the others, should have already told you about the deal"

"Well...I promise you."

Perona looked up at El, then she lowered her head quickly, and whispered, "As long as you don't hurt Moria-sama, I'll leave with you."

"Then, I'll welcome you on joining us, Perona."

El stepped forward, relying on his height a few centimeters taller than Perona, he put his hand on her head, and said slowly.

"The world of pirates is that the winner is king, and they can take everything that the loser has, I believe you should understand this truth in the years you have been with Gecko Moria."

"However, the world of pirates is also very simple.

Any conflict and hatred can be resolved by fighting."

"As long as you become our partner, you are our family and it doesn't affect your relationship with Gecko Moria.


"When we return to the Florian Triangle, or when we encounter the Thriller Bark at sea, you can talk to Gecko Moria."

"At that time, if Gecko Moria is not convinced, we just need to fight again."

"As long as you become my family, I won't kill Gecko Moria.

If Gecko Moria encounters difficulties in the future, I don't mind helping him, so that our relationship can change from an enemy to friend or even allies"

Language is an art, the pure heart of Perona was soon moved by El.

She raised her head again, looked at El with a gentle smile, and she said in surprise: "Really...really then let's do a Pinky swear"

El nodded with a smile and stretched out his little finger to Perona.


Perona nodded vigorously and then extended her little finger and made a promise to El that 'the promise cannot be broken for 100 years.

"It's a familiar scene...


Last year, was it the same as her"

"Oh hehe...

First, use memory to learn about personality, and then prescribe the right medicine.

Which girl can resist Nii-san words"

Looking at Perona, who was relieved of her inner fear by El's few words, Nami and Carina seemed to see their shadow on Perona's body.

Although they were tricked by El, the faces of the two girls show a happy smiles.

It is their greatest luck in this life to be bound in such a gentle Nii-san with his means.

Otherwise, they don't even know which pirate ship they are in the East Blue, helping others with chores and risking their lives to steal the treasure, as for Nami, she doesn't know when she will wake up from her nightmare.

Being tricked by El, for them, is no different from being tricked into happiness.

Kuina also showed a slight smile.

She is different from the two girls, Kuina initially abandoned her family and friends for the sake of her dream and Joined El's team.

But now, after abandoning her family and friends, she has gained a lover.

Before going to the sea, Kuina's dream is to become the world's strongest swordsman.

But now Kuina's dream is to become the sharpest sword in El's hand, to witness her love, standing at the peak of swordsmanship, and to be the world's strongest swordsman.

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