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On the second floor of the castle, there's suddenly a knock at the door of the room.

"Come in."

With the hoarse voice, the door of the room was pushed open and the four walked in from the outside very politely.

As soon as they entered the door, their eyes were attracted by the amazingly large 'monster' sitting on a long sofa.

That's really the only word that can be used to describe the one in front of them.

Twelve years have passed since the 39-year-old Gecko Moria, who is nearly seven meters tall, was defeated by Kaido and fled from the new world after a terrible beating.

Life consists only of a few decades and twelve years is a very long time, in twelve Years, Gecko Moria's fit body turned into a big belly which is similar to the original manga but it's just a little smaller than that from the excessive indulgence in pleasure and luxury.

In 12 years, Gecko Moria, who was famous in the world for his Paramecia type, Shadow-Shadow Fruit, and powerful Haki.

But because of his defeat from Kaido, he can no longer use his Haki, he obviously knows how to use Haki, but when he tries to use it, it feels like being locked in a cabinet and cannot be pulled out of his body.

The current Gecko Moria is undoubtedly the weakest of the six great pirates in the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Even last year's newly promoted "Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock surpassed him in strength.

This is also the reason why El dared to find him, good and weak people are always bullied by others and El is about to bully him.

"Kishishishi, little brats, who are you Where are Absalom and the others!" Just as the four were looking at Gecko Moria, Gecko Moria also noticed them.

Just as Gecko Moria laughs with his distinct style of laughing.

Gecko Moria, quickly reacted, he stare at the four who were not tied up and his face suddenly turn ugly and he asked in a deep voice.

"Hello, senior, my name is El."

El stepped forward and greeted Gecko Moria, then he touch the hilt of his sword then grinned at him, and said, "If you're talking about the one who can turn invisible.

It's a pity that he has already been killed by us."

"Next, it's your turn, senior - Hakoku sovereignty!"

With the last words, El's tone gradually intensified, and he unsheathe his sword and wave it toward the wide-eyed Gecko Moria.

"Shadow Warrior"


Gecko Moria obviously didn't expect that El's first move would be his ultimate move.

Looking at the shock wave roaring toward him like a hurricane, Gecko Moria, who has become sluggish in the past twelve years, subconsciously wants to create a Shadow Warrior by virtue of his decades of proficiency in the Shadow-Shadow Fruit.

But the purple-black shadow just appeared, and before it could take his form, that little shadow and Gecko Moria himself were submerged by the huge shock wave released at close range.

Immediately, the whole castle was like hit by an earthquake and it shake violently.

After a while, a huge transparent white beam of light penetrated the castle directly from the inside and tore through the thick fog, and flew out of the thriller bark.

This huge beam of white light flew five kilometers away before slowly dissipating.

An attack that spreads five kilometers, in the first half of the grand line, it's already an incredible move.

Even if it is some powerhouses in the new world, excluding those with Devil Fruit ability, not many people would have such a strong move.

Unless you are a top-level Master swordsman and your flying slash is measured in the unit of a kilometer.

In front of such an attack even if it's ten large ships and a line in a row, it will be the same as Ace's debut, showing the might of the Fire Fist to the Straw Hat Pirates by destroying those ships instantly.

Even if it is a small mountain, it will be smashed into half if it's hit by this white beam of light.

This shows how strong the power of this attack is.

If you are hit directly by this, you will obviously feel uncomfortable and Gecko Moria feels more than that.

Although El didn't instill an armament Haki into Hakoku sovereignty to catch him off guard and hit him.

This move, except for the giants, the spear of Elbaf that he used, still makes Gecko Moria vomit blood from serious injury and made his body feel like being hit by a mountain.

If it weren't for Gecko Moria's body, that's at the level of a monster even after 12 years of excessive indulgence in pleasure and luxury, he still retains his strong physique, if not, he had already flown out of the castle together with the white beam of light or even out of the thriller bark.

Even so, the state of Gecko Moria after being caught off guard by El, in gaming terms his full HP fell to residual HP.

With the first strike, El succeeded in taking the biggest advantage of this battle.

When the white beam of light disappears, in the room on the second floor of the castle, Gecko Moria supported his body and did not fall down, he then Looks at El in front of him and said with a grim expression.

"Damn little devil...you actually sneak attack!"

"Senior, is it your first day being a pirate"

El held his sword and put it on his shoulder, then he look at Gecko Moria and pretend to be puzzled but suddenly said as if thinking of something."Yes, I just remembered that you seem to have a title called Hero of the west Blue in the past, you should have been a very heroic person, who liked to go straight to friends and enemies, right"

Being told about his past, he couldn't help but stare at El in front of him with wide-open eyes.


Looking at the shocked Gecko Moria, El said with a sympathetic expression: "Pirates aren't good, do you think you're playing at home Could it be that the lesson that the Kaido taught you hasn't been enough to awaken you"

"Damn kid, I'm going to kill you!"

El doesn't know if it was because he was despised by him, or because he was hit in weak points, Gecko Moria suddenly roared out in anger.

"When you are angry, you may become a little stronger but at the same time you also became significantly vulnerable"

El arrogantly smiled and said, "Senior, you have already lost!"


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