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"That Clear-Clear Fruit user is coming here."

As soon as he landed, El pointed in one direction, then said to Kuina.

"There is a castle over there, where Gecko Moria and the others live, and on the second floor on the left side of the castle, that room belongs to "Ghost Princess" Perona.


"She has a special ability that can make her soul leave the human body, so when she appears in front of the enemy, it is often not her real body."

"Kuina, your electric field teleportation can ignore any obstacles."

"Before she comes to stop us, I trouble you to deal with her first."

"ok, I'll get done"

Kuina nodded with confidence and a smile on her face.

In the next second, Kuina turned into a flash of lightning and disappeared before the eyes of the three.

Looking at Kuina who disappeared in an instant, Carina said with a little envy.

"With the speed of lightning and teleportation that ignores all obstacles, it's really an enviable ability!"

"Nii-san also said that when Sister Kuina awakens her Observation Haki, she can integrate the radio waves into her Observation Haki so that it will become larger and not even lose to Nii-san, and she can even eavesdrop on everyone's conversations."

Nami also echoed: "As long as the heart is not destroyed and the body is not broken, even if it is fatally attacked, it will only be in a state of suspended animation with Electrotherapy, she can restart her heart thereby reviving herself."

"As one of the high-level elements, my Flame-Flame Fruit is not even qualified to carry shoes for Sister Kuina."

El patted Nami's shoulders and smiled, "The reason why you feel this way is because your physique is still too weak."

"When your physique improved, the temperature of the flame will skyrocket.

At that time, if the enemy is not entangled with Armament Haki or it's not enough, they can't even get close to you."

"As long as you are strong enough, your enemy can't even go near you"


Nami nodded vigorously and said with a smile: "I just celebrated my birthday last month, and I'm only nine years old now, I still have a lot of time for growth to be one of your biggest aides Nii-san, just like Sister Kuina!"

"I'm looking forward to that day"

El touched Nami's head and glance at the dimly lit and gloomy woods, then he lowered his voice and said "That Clear-Clear Fruit user came at the edge of the woods"


Hearing this, Nami couldn't help showing a wicked smile: "he can hide anywhere, but he chooses to hide in flammable woods, then don't thank me for giving him a hot gift, Fire Fist!"

Nami moves a few steps forward and after pulling a little distance from El, her slender arm suddenly turned into an orange flame, tearing apart the foggy night like the sun.

The orange fire was like an ocean wave roaring towards the woods not far away with a wave of her hands.

The speed of the fire was so fast that it approached Absalom, who was hiding in the woods.

He didn't even have time to escape, and he was drowned instantly by the orange flames.

After a while, the entire forest turned into a sea of ​​fire.

The dazzling forest fire can be seen no matter where you are located in the Thriller Bark.

Absalom, who was in the woods, also turned into a blazing man, he scream while running out of the sea of ​​fire.

It is a pity that he is not an Armament Haki user, so his body began to ablaze with no difference from those flammable trees.

Under the indifferent gaze of the three, Absalom, who screamed for two minutes, finally failed to extinguish the flames on his body and fell to the ground gradually turning into a coke.

But even if he succeeded in extinguishing the flames, for Nami, it was just a matter of adding a fire.

One of Gecko Moria's three cadres was killed in a few minutes.

Afterward, Nami manipulated the sea of ​​fire that blocked their way and opened the way to the opposite side.

Passing through the woods that had turned into a sea of ​​fire, the three crossed another ditch.

On the way, El also drew his sword to guard the ground of the cemetery.

At the end of the cemetery is Gecko Moria castle, the three have not yet crossed the cemetery and a bolt of blue-white lightning flashed past their eyes like a shooting star.

In the next second, Kuina appeared in front of them out of thin air.

"So fast!"

"Sister Kuina, have you knocked out our future companion"

Seeing that Kuina came back so soon, the two girls couldn't help but widen their beautiful eyes.


our future companion...

is a very cute girl."

Kuina nodded while smiling slightly "I just appeared in front of her out of thin air, trying to stun her with the handle of the sword, but she thought I was going to unsheath the sword to slash her, and she was shocked then fainted."

"If it were me, I would be terrified too."

The two girls snorted slightly.

"Then please take another trip Kuina."

El said slowly: "Nami also defeated a cadre just now, but the other party has become a scorched corpse so I didn't read his memory."

"Go and bring Perona here, and I'll read her memory to see if she knows the location of Shusui"

"Leave it to me!"

Kuina nodded and disappeared into a flash of lightning.

By the three arrived at the castle at the end of the cemetery, Kuina was already waiting for them at the front door while holding the unconscious Perona.

Putting his hand on Perona's head, El read her memory.

After a while, El looked disappointed.

In Perona's memory, she had indeed seen Shusui and the corpse of Ryuma Shimotsuki.

But since she is not interested in any of these, she didn't pay attention to Gecko Moria taking Shusui and placing it somewhere.

"Looks like this battle is unavoidable."

Retracting his palm, El looked at the window on the second floor of the castle and said so.

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