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"Gecko Moria's pirate ship is called the Thriller Bark, and it is one of the rare island ships in the world."

"The Gecko Pirates have three cadres besides Gecko Moria and they are collectively referred to as the Mysterious Four.

Before the "Pegasus" could find the Thriller Bark, El told the three girls the information about the Gecko Pirates.

"According to the information I received from reading the memories of those pirates, except for the Genius Surgeon, Doctor Hogback, the other two cadres are Devil Fruit users.


"The two cadres are a man and a girl.

The man is called Absalom, he is a paramecia type Clear-Clear Fruit user.

(I would be using the English name of the devil fruit starting now so it would be easier to read)

"As the name suggests, his ability to make himself and what he touches transparent."

Hearing El's last sentence, the three girls all showed a disgusted expression.

"Of course, this ability is not invincible."

El continued: "Transparency only hides the body, the sound nor the smell cannot be hidden.

If your attack landed, the opponent will still be injured."

"As long as his position is determined, Nami's Flame-Flame Fruit only needs to use an area of effects moves, and he will definitely reveal his position."

Hearing this, Nami took the initiative to ask El "In that case, let me deal with that Clear-Clear Fruit user."

"That's what I meant too."

El nodded and said with a smile, "I've already locked his current position with observation Haki, I'll remind you when he enters your attack range.

"In addition to the Clear-Clear Fruit, another officer is the one who ate the Paramecia Hollow-Hollow Fruit "Ghost Princess" Perona."

Speaking of the last few words, El's tone was obviously aggravated: "The Hollow-Hollow Fruit is as rare as Logia, and it belongs to the rule type in the Paramecia type devil fruit."

"Although its destructive power is far less than that of any Logia devil fruit, its incomprehensible nature is even more exaggerated than the elementalization of the Logia devil fruit."

"The Hollow-Hollow fruit has an ability called Negative Hollow, anyone who is touched by it will be negative and depressed about themselves unless they are extremely negative or is their Haki is so powerful that it can ignore all the rules ability type in the world.

if not their negativity will make them lose the ability to fight back."

Carina smacked her tongue slightly: "As expected of the cadres of one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, his two subordinates are such outrageous devil fruit users, as a captain wouldn't he also be a powerful devil fruit user"

"It is indeed a devil fruit user, but there is no memory of him attacking in the memory of those pirates."

El nodded, and then said to Kuina: "Kuina, the Hollow-Hollow Fruit user, I will leave it to you to deal with."

"With your speed, the Negative Hollow can't absolutely touch you, also, don't kill her, just stun her and that will do."


Kuina nodded and wondered: "Why not kill her Don't we take such powerful devil fruit"

El was speechless for a while.

He still underestimated his impact a little bit on the three girls.

Obviously, from the 3 CP agents to Enel, the three girls have become accustomed to the operation of killing the enemy and then taking their Devil Fruit ability.

Even so, El did not change their view.

The corners of his mouth rise slightly and said: "This girl named Perona is special, and I have already locked her position with my Observation Haki, but I haven't seen an aura that disgusts me in her body."

"So, I plan to let her go and let her become one of us, so the Hollow-Hollow Fruit can be used by us."

This time, El didn't lie, his Observation Haki had indeed locked Gecko Moria and his three cadres' positions at the same his observation did not see an aura that would make him feel uncomfortable.

Obviously, the other party is the same as the three girls, a girl who has a pure heart, and that gives him an idea to recruit her.

If he sees an aura that makes him feel uncomfortable in Perona's body, El doesn't mind taking Perona's devil fruit, just like he did to the two women in the Bonier team.

Carina smiled with interest: "It can make Nii-san think of recruiting her, it seems that our next 'companion' should be a special pirate, right"

El nodded, and he did not tell to the three girls how Perona's being adopted by Gecko Moria when she was a child and she was completely influenced by the environment and became a pirate.

Otherwise, if El speaks a little bit more, Carina, a sensitive girl, will instantly notice something wrong.

He didn't say much and neither did Carina ask more.

At this time, In front of the Pegasus, a huge black shadow like a mountain appeared.

As the distance got closer, a huge ship suddenly caught the eyes of the four.

It is a ship that looks very similar to those ghost ships in the Florian Triangle, dilapidated and with an eerie atmosphere.

The front door of the ship is shaped like a huge mouth with exposed teeth, which can be opened and closed freely and are specially used to capture passing ships.

In some places at the front door, there is obviously surveillance, because as the Pegasus approached, the mouth opened automatically, eating the "Pegasus" that came on its own initiative into the "belly".

As a result, a 'ghost island' filled with purple gas which is actually a dense fog suddenly appeared in front of the four.

When they moor the ship, the four went ashore.

The first battle of the four with pegasus is about to begin.

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