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After last night's poker game, the relationship between the three got closer.

Carina and Nami also recognized that his real age, in fact, is only a few months older than theirs.

After the initial familiarity, the trio centered on El began their journey to the East Blue.

The life of three people is completely different from the life of one person.

Especially as a 'captain', you also have to take care of the rest of the crew.

Knowing that Carina and Nami are greedy for money, or in other words desperate for money, El decides to temporarily switch from Adventurer to a bounty hunter.

As for why is it temporary

Because El is not sure whether he will play the role of other factions in the future.

In order to keep himself from going to sea without purpose, El actually set a small goal and a big goal for himself, that is to defeat "Hawkeye" Dracule Mihawk and become the strongest swordman in world history.

Because Hawkeye is only the strongest swordsman in the world, not the strongest in world history.

So defeating him is just a small goal for El.

To become the strongest swordsman in world history is El's biggest goal.

Because El felt that only by becoming the strongest swordsman in the world history can he be worthy of the world's love for him by giving him those three unreasonable talents.

Hearing that El was going to set up a team of bounty hunters, Carina and Nami both cheered and raised their hands and feet in approval.

Bounty hunters, although known as hyenas in this world and deeply hated by pirates.

But it is undeniable that in this world where pirates are the mainstream, bounty hunters are indeed a very popular profession.

Especially the powerful bounty hunters, their speed of making money is simply a money-printing machine.

To catch a pirate at will, it is simply a million Berry.

And Nami and Carina risked their lives and were favored by the goddess of luck countless times to turn bad luck into good luck, and only made hundred thousand bellies in a year.

The difference is simply too big.

Carina and Nami would both want to be bounty hunters if they weren't all helpless kids.

So in their eyes, El's decision should be perfect.

It's so perfect that they all want to pounce, kiss and reward their nii-san.

So, Bounty hunter, who shocked the world, started their journey.

Since there is no destination, then the purpose of the journey is to hunt the nearby pirates.

And looking for pirates, no one is more professional than Carina and Nami.

The reason why they didn't give off an aura that made El feel uncomfortable was that they still kept the innocent heart of a little girl.

They are skilled in stealing skills at a young age, but they have never attacked ordinary people.

They have always chosen the highest difficulty and started stealing from pirates.


"The East blue is very large, and the real overlords are the navy and the permanent garrison of the allied countries.

Except for some pirates with brain problems, normal people dare not attack them."

"Not only that, some countries that are more inclined towards the navy will also cooperate with the navy to arrest those pirate groups.

Therefore, apart from some countries that are recognized as neutral and welcome pirates for consumption to increase their economy, there are very few pirate groups permanently stationed there.


On the vast sea, on a small cabin sailboat that was purchased by El for Million Berry.

Carina is popularizing the common sense of the bright and dark world to El who has just entered.

"So, the places where pirates usually live are either towns and villages that belong to the territory of the neutral countries or towns and villages that are not under the world government and belong to the illegal zone."

"The latter is the first choice for all pirates."

"Unless their goal is to enter the great sea route known as the "Pirate Graveyard", the pirates in the East blue, after occupying towns that are not sheltered by the world government and naval branches, generally turn them into base camps.


After finishing speaking, Carina's lips rose slightly, and said: "That is to say, those pirates with bounties are difficult to find, but they are not so difficult to find at all."

"In other words, what is difficult to find is the weak, not even a base camp, and can only wander at sea, praying that you will not encounter a small pirate group with powerful peers or the navy; and a powerful pirate group, except for a few being cautious, In addition to being low-key, the whereabouts of other big pirate groups are very clear."

"...I see."

Although this information has been collected from Carina's memory.

But when Carina used words to help him sort out the information that he hadn't had time to digest, El nodded involuntarily.

"Since that's the case, let's target the big pirate group, which saves time."

El looked at Carina and asked, "Carina, do you know the location of those big pirates"

"Uh hee hee..."

Carina let out a sweet and unique laugh, then took out a magazine from her new backpack, and said to El with a congratulatory expression: "It's too easy to find them, I just read this magazine."

"I see."

El looked surprised again.

The mind-reading ability, which is turned on for 24 hours and cannot be turned off freely, allows El to know what her method is when she sees Carina taking out the magazine.

"Real-time ranking of pirates who the most want to disappear in the East Blue..."

At this time, Nami has also snatched the magazine in Carina's hands.

When she saw the cover of the magazine, her cute little face suddenly showed surprise: "Carina, when did you buy this magazine"


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