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August 5th, 1511, of the Sea Circle Calendar.

After more than three months, the new custom-made ship by the four at 1.6 billion Belly was finally completed.

On the dockyard of the Galley-La company, the four looked at the medium-sized ship in front of them and express satisfaction on their faces.

Carina and Nami looked as if they couldn't wait to board the ship.

They saw the medium-sized ship moored in the port, with silver-white color on whole parts and a length of 50 meters and height of more than 100 meters.

The ship, is two masts, Two mainsails, four auxiliary sails, and four freely retractable outer wheels.

The Logo on the bow is all white, with a long white horse with wings.

This is the appearance that the four saw.

After stepping on the ladder to board the ship, the deck design of the ship caught the eyes of the four.

It was a green lawned deck, with a rocking chair and a swing to the left and right of the side of the ship.

But compared to the deck outside, the inside of the cabin is a real paradise.

"This ship has a total of five cabins, two upper and three lower cabins..."

Taking the four towards the entrance of the cabin, Iceburg handed to the three girls a manual booklet and said, "The two upper cabins because half of the area is used for the deck, it has the smallest space inside."

"The length and width of the three lower cabins are the same as the ship, reaching the maximum size possible.

If they are only used to let people stand, then the three-cabin can fully accommodate hundreds of people."

"According to your requirements, except for the last cabin, which is used as the outer ship dock, as well as the warehouse and ice storage, the remaining two cabins have a total of twenty-two different styles of interior themes, and three empty rooms."

"Among the 22 indoor themes, there are indoor swimming pools, gyms, swordsmanship rooms, meditation rooms, library, art rooms, aquariums, karaoke halls, dance halls, bars, cafes, etc."

While listening to Iceburg's narration, the three girls flipped through the manual in their hands.

After they entered the cabin, they took the elevator from the warehouse on the fifth floor to the upper floor.

Nami suddenly cheered and said "It's great, this is the dream ship I've always dreamed of~"

Carina and Kuina also nodded and agree with her.

"It's good that we can satisfy you."

After being praised highly by his largest customer, Iceburg also showed a smile: "I would take the liberty to ask, do you already have the name that you give to the new ship"


Carina's lips rose slightly as she looked at El and said, "The name of the new ship is called— Pegasus"


After subconsciously repeating it, Iceburg suddenly think of something, then nodded slightly and said, "Pegasus, the one in mythology, no wonder you called me specially and asked me to draw an image of Pegasus for the bow of the ship."

After finishing speaking, Iceburg turned to the four and bowed like a gentleman, and said, "Since you have nothing to revise, then our handover is complete."

"with Jewel Tree Adam tenacity, unless you fight with a strong person on the ship, it is difficult for the cannonball to destroy the ship."

"If it is ordinary damage, then simple repair methods are enough for it."

"Then, I'll take my leave and Goodbye."

El shook hands with Iceburg and then sent him down the ship ladder.

After putting away the ship ladder, the four did not stay at the dock and drove the Pegasus directly along the waterway toward the port of the water 7.

During this period, Nami was in charge of the helm, while El, Carina, and Kuina took out the Den Mushi Mushi and contacted the merchants in the water 7, asking them to move all the ordered goods to the port.

After the Pegasus arrived at the port, the laborers hired by the merchants, are either carrying a package, furniture, electrical appliances, and other items, came under the leadership of the shop manager or owner to hand over the goods.

After the laborers had loaded up all the things and they check if there were any missing items, El paid them a tip and sail the Pegasus away from the water 7 City, where they had stayed for more than half a month.

Their next stop is related to Fishman Island which is 10,000 meters below sea level.

However, if you want to go to Fishman Island, you must pass through the Florian Triangle and coat your ship with Yarukiman Mangroves on the Sabaody Archipelago to reach the end of the first half of the Grand Line.

However, the four don't want to go to Fishman Island, let alone the Sabaody Archipelago which is adjacent to the Navy Headquarters.

The next place they want to go to is the Florian Triangle, which is covered with thick fog all the time.

The Florian Triangle is a certain distance from the water 7, even at the speed of a medium-sized ship, it will take at least a few days and these few days, it's enough for the four to get acquainted with their 'new home' completely.

On the night they left the water 7 City, the four arranged all the furniture and connected all the electrical appliances, and then started their celebration.

They first barbecued on the lawn deck, sat on the rocking chairs and swings, ate barbecued meats, and sipped drinks while admiring the beautiful night view.

After eating and drinking, the four went to the top cabin again and took a hot bath together in the large bathroom.

After bathing, they took the elevator to the lower cabin.

Entering a three-in-one room with a karaoke hall, a dance hall, and a bar inside, the four sang and danced to their heart's content.

If it wasn't for their age, they would also be drunk here.

To this day, the four just experienced a big bathroom, a big bathtub, and a three-in-one KTV...

The next day, after waking up early and eating breakfast, the four took the nutritional supplement and went to the large gym, where they started the hell-like training that had been stopped for more than half a month.

Halfway through the training, El and Kuina went to the next door to the swordsmanship room and started a sword fight.

After absorbing the energy of the nutritional supplement, while it was still early, El and Kuina went to the meditation room to practice again.

One practiced the breath of all things while the other tried to comprehend the breath of all things.

Until noon, El went to sea to catch sea beasts, and they had a great lunch.

After taking a comfortable bath, the four, wearing pajamas, came to the cafe, drinking coffee while looking at the scenery outside through the window.

During their lunch break, Carina and Nami also went to decorate the library and art room.

El was taking advantage of the absence of the two girls and for some reason, he tricked Kuina into the indoor swimming pool, so that Kuina, whose growth was already very obvious, put on a swimsuit with a ring floater, and summoned her courage to jump in the pool.

As a result, there was an accident, Kuina's hands holding the ring floater were released, and her whole body sank.

So, El jumped into the water to save the beauty in distress.

Carrying up the drowning Kuina, El did it to the end and rescued the girl with artificial respiration.

A similar routine was repeatedly staged in the cabin of Pegasus every day.


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