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"250 Million Belly, a sudden increase of nearly sixty million Belly."

Inside the hotel room, Carina is holding the new reward order and was slightly puzzled: "Nii-san only defeated a group of trash in one second, but for the first time, he overshadow Sister Kuina and made it to the headlines of the World Economy News Paper, and even the navy released a new bounty...Conqueror Haki, is it really so powerful"

"I am also very curious"

Lying on the bed, Nami, who was reading a magazine, also raised her head to express a question: "I have seen the Armament Haki training method given to Nii-san by Sister Kuina's father, and it contains a detailed description of predicting the future, which is the most powerful use of Observation Haki, and Emission and Internal Destruction, which is the most powerful use of Armament Haki, only mental shock is mentioned in the Conqueror Haki, and it is only effective for the weak-willed."

"After getting used to the mental shock of the Conqueror Haki, I feel that it is not as powerful as the flying and lightning slash of Nii-san and Sister Kuina."

El, who was sitting on a chair and letting Kuina help him dry his long hair, said slowly: "The Conqueror Haki does not have any other effect except for mental shock."

"However, after mastering the Conqueror Haki, when you face a fleet, it is equivalent to mastering strategic-level means."

"Because the mental shock of a strong person who is proficient in the Conqueror Haki can avoid his own people and only target the enemy."

"And not every fleet follows the elite route as we do.

Most fleets in this world, 95 percent are cannon fodder and only 5 percent of them are elite."

"If two fleets with the same number of ships go to war at sea or land and someone masters the Conqueror Haki on the other fleet, they will win without breaking a sweat."

With a slight pause in his tone, El continued "In addition, the Conqueror Haki can be the same as the Armament Haki, wrapped around the fist or weapon and the power will be many times stronger than the Armament Haki"

"The powerful persons who master this skill are very few in the sea, so few that only some people know about the most advanced use of the Conqueror Haki"

"I see!"

After listening to El's explanation, the three girls suddenly felt a little stunned.

Looking at the bounty order in her hand, Carina nodded slightly and said.

"If that's the case, then this bounty order makes sense."

"Nii-san, you mastered the Conqueror Haki at such a young age, then in the future, you will definitely be able to use the advance skill of the Conqueror Haki and frightened all our enemies."

Tying his long hair into a single ponytail, El Picked up the bounty order on the table and looked at Kuina's 200 million Belly bounty order, and said.

"In the past few months, our bounty has skyrocketed again and again, which is not a good thing."

"The higher the bounty, the more our threats on Navy and Mary Geoise eyes increase"

"Me and Kuina's potential has been known to the world through Morgan propaganda."

"If there is no Bounty, the navy will still be unable to take action because of the word justice, and our sailing will not be hindered in any way."

"But now, we are not only the most dazzling supernova this year but also an epoch-making supernova that has never appeared since the beginning of the Great Pirate Era."

"They will prevent us from entering the new world and become a big pirate that no one can do anything.

Mary Geoise and the navy are likely to recruit us, or target and kill us in advance, Especially Kuina"

Turning his head to look at Kuina next to him, El continued "Any high-level Logia User, as long as they don't die prematurely and successfully grow to their golden stage, their strength is at least the level of the three Vice-Admiral."

"And Kuina's Devil Fruit, the Goro Goro no Mi, even if she is not proficient in Haki, martial arts, or even swordsmanship, as long as her physique is sufficient and the enemy cannot restrain her electric field, even if it is an Admiral or Fleet Admiral.

they can only defeat but not capture her."

"If Kuina was alone, then she almost no weaknesses.


"But now, it is the best stage to deal with Kuina, because, by her side, there are burdens like us."

Following El's analysis, the three girls fell into silence.

After a while, Carina also said slowly: "In the eyes of the world, our identity is already a 'pirate', if Mary Geoise and the navy want to recruit us, they can only send us the Seven Warlords of the Sea invitation letter"

"But this is unlikely.

After all, the qualification to enter the Seven Warlords of the Sea, they must be a big pirate recognized by the sea, or have a powerful force, such as last year's Pirate Empress Boa Hancock"

"With our age, even if Sister Kuina is a Logia user, even if your talent is rare in the world, Nii-san, you still don't have the qualifications to become one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

"For the balance of the sea and in order not to damage the prestige of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, even if Mary Geoise wants to recruit us, they can't send an invitation, otherwise the prestige of the Seven Warlords of the Sea will definitely drop."


With a slight pause in her tone, Carina said solemnly: "Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters are more likely to kill us in advance than to recruit us right"


El nodded in relief and said, "This is my biggest worry right now."


Looking at El who said this without the slightest worry on his face, Carina suddenly laughed: "Nii-san, have you already thought of a solution!"

El grinned and said, "My solution is to practice on retreat!"

"The reason for this concern is that our strength is too weak.."

"Since this is the case, then we won't give them an opportunity to calculate us and we will retreat and improve our strength."

"Wait until our strength reaches a certain level and we have the confidence to not be afraid of being calculated, at the same time allow us to do whatever we want."

"Great idea!" Carina's eyes lit up slightly.

Indeed, all the difficulties are because they are too weak.

Weakness is the original sin!

There are four of them, each with the world's top talents and abilities.

But unfortunately, among the four of them, the eldest Kuina is only eleven years old, and she is still two months away before her twelve years old birthday.

The other three were not even ten years old.

If they were 18-year-old adults now or adults in their twenties or thirties, their talents would have been developed long ago, and they would have become big figures that no one dared to ignore and underestimate.

The threat of the mere Mary Geoise and the navy headquarters will not be worth mentioning at all at that time.

"Then when are we going to retreat How long do we plan to retreat" Carina asked.

"When the new ship leaves the factory, we go to a place to find something, and then we choose a suitable island to retreat."

El thought for a while and said, "As for the time, just three years!"


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