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The invisible airwave penetrates all obstacles and spreads out in all directions with the castle as the center.

In the blink of an eye, a hemisphere-shaped, dark purple light that only those who have Haki could see, enveloped half of Asuka Island.

Not far from the stone castle, the people who have been responsible for guarding the stone castle that sealed the Shichiseiken from one generation to another, all of them looked like they had been hit at the back of their neck, their eyes turned white, while their faces became sluggish and soon they fell to the ground.

Half of the humans and animals on Asuka Island were all unconscious in front of this invisible airwave.


At the same time, the three jewels specially used to seal the power of the Shichiseiken, large and small cracks appeared on it, and soon, they crumble into a cloud of dust.

The airwaves and the dark purple light lasted for several minutes, If another airwave appeared and collided with the dark purple light during this time, then on the Asuka Island, there will definitely be a heaven and earth phenomenon where the wind and clouds change color.

When the airwave and the dark purple light disappeared, El in the stone castle was in a mixed mood.

He never imagined that his Conqueror Haki would be awakened in this way

In El's imagination, his Conqueror Haki should be awakened when he is extremely emotional, or when he is fighting against a strong enemy and facing a crisis on life and death.

As a result, he did not expect that his Conqueror Haki was awakened by absorbing the negative energy in the Shichiseiken and his Conqueror Haki looks different from other people, it is the same as his talents, and belongs to the rare mutated class Conqueror Haki.

It can't be said mutated, it can only be said that his Conqueror Haki has one more effect than the others and that thing is the same Conqueror Haki as Douglas bullet and Zoro - Asura!

Yes, after absorbing the negative energy accumulated in the Shichiseiken for countless years, El has mastered the power of Asura in addition to awakening his Conqueror Haki.

The Conqueror Haki that blends the Asura also makes El's Conqueror Haki just like the Shura field.

As the price of gaining these two powers, El lost the Shichiseiken at the level of Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono).

That's why El's mood is so complicated.

Because he doesn't know whether to be happy or be disappointed.

But soon, El was relieved, the reason why Shichiseiken is not inferior to the Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono) is that, like Enma, it is a rare cursed sword with its own Sentience.

It can absorb negative energy such as hatred, pain, and blood to strengthen itself and the users, it's highly durable that it won't lose to any Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono).

Now, the negative energy in the Shichiseiken has been absorbed and digested by El's, Shichiseiken whose energy has been absorbed is naturally no longer a weapon that is not inferior to the Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono) and it slowly dissipates in the air.

El, who is no longer entangled, helped up the tree girls one by one, who was knock out by his conqueror Haki and lightly patted their little faces to wake them up.

"My head feels so heavy!"

"What happened just now, why did I suddenly lose lost consciousness"

When the three girls woke up, they all had uncomfortable expressions on their faces.

Carina and Nami covered their foreheads, as they had not recovered yet.

Kuina stared at El and ask "El, did you do it"

"yes" El nodded and explained apologetically

"I suddenly awakened the Conqueror Haki, and you were knocked out by it."

"Conqueror Haki"

"Nii-san you said Conqueror Haki the one that only with king aptitude can have and it only appears on one in a million"

The three girls were slightly taken aback, then Carina and Nami's eyes both brightened up, and look at El with anticipation.


El nodded with a smile.

"Great, Nii-san, you've become stronger again!"

"Come on, tell me, how did you awaken Conqueror Haki, Nii-san "

"By the way, what about the Shichiseiken" Carina and Nami continue to celebrate, while, kuina who seemed to sense something, asks and looks at El.

"The Shichiseiken has been absorbed by me"

El answered Kuina's question, then tell them how the Shichiseiken fill his mind with negative energy and tried to influence him and turn him into a puppet, but instead, it got counter-kill by one of his talents and help him awaken the conqueror Haki.

After listening to El's description of the three girls, all showed a look of fear.

Nami looked at El with a worried expression and persuaded: "Nii-san, don't use a cursed sword anymore, okay"

"Right, this kind of ominous sword that will affect the minds of users, don't use it!" Carina echoed.

In response, El smiled bitterly: "Even if I want it, I don't have it anymore."

Except for the Shichiseiken in El's memory, There are only two cursed swords left and worthy of attention.

That two swords are works of the Kitetsu, the school of swordsmiths, Kitetsu I and Kitetsu II.

However, among the two cursed swords, the cursed sword, Kitetsu I that El wanted most had not appeared before he crossed over.

Some people speculate that it is in the hands of the Five Elders.

If this is the case, the probability of obtaining the cursed sword, Kitetsu I is almost zero.

As for the cursed sword, Kitetsu II, El is a little bit dissatisfied.

Because El wanted a famous sword of the Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono) level, not the Great Grade Swords (O Wazamono).

The Shichiseiken is gone, and El's choice is only the black sword, Enma, on the Florian Triangle.

After thinking for two months, El didn't think that the second choice would eventually become the final choice.

Fortunately, his harvest is also quite rich.

Not only has he awakened the Conqueror Haki, but he has also acquired Asura which is rare, and the two merged to form an asura-field conqueror Haki.

Next, El only needs to master Conqueror's coating, and entangles himself with conqueror Haki.

When the scope of the breath of all things reaches the level of the master swordsman, he will be a swordsman in a different dimension.

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