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"Is the legend about Shichiseiken is actually true!"

When El chose to confess to the three girls about the purpose of this trip, the only one among the three girls who knows Shichiseiken through reading books was Carina and her beautiful eyes widened.

El nodded and said: "In the past two months, I have read the memories of many people, and it is also through the memory of a certain person that I know the existence of the Shichiseiken, so I bought the Asuka Island Eternal Pose and brought you here.


"The Shichiseiken is real, and it is very likely that it is in a certain stone castle on the other side of this island."

"So what are you waiting for, lets go straight away!"

Carina said excitedly "In the legend, in addition to the most beautiful sword, Asuka Island also has a huge amount of treasure."

"Since the legend of the Shichiseiken is true, maybe the legend about that treasure is also true."

Without waiting for El to speak, Nami's eyes turned into the shape of $, and flash with dazzling golden light "Huge amount of treasure...

I want it!!!"

To this, El just smiled slightly and didn't pour them with cold water.

Even if the three princes of Asuka kingdom left a treasure on this island.

After so many years, that treasure has long since been empty by people here.

If it weren't for the Shichiseiken controlling people and turning those who touch it into puppets, maybe even the Shichiseiken would have been taken away and sold.

After explaining the reason to the three girls for coming here, the four returned to the port and drove the ship towards the other end of the island.

On the front and back city of Asuka Island, there are forests and mountains.

Generally, people who come to this island will moor their ship in the front port, rather than the rocky coast on the back of the island.

Therefore few people know that in the forest, in the back city of Asuka Island, people are living there.

That ethnic group is the descendant of the priestess who sacrificed her life to seal the Shichiseiken in legend.

Their destiny from one generation to another is to guard the stone castle that seals the Shichiseiken and keep the three jewels that seal the power of Shichiseiken safe.

In this group, each generation will have a priestess and the priestess in this generation are still a ten-year-old little girl.

Through a channel formed by seawater on the islands, the four came to the forest area where this group is located.

The four did not go deep but moored the ship on the middle shore of the waterway and with help of Observation Haki, El took the three girls and deliberately avoided the people of this group.

After all, if this group finds out that their purpose turned out to be the Shichiseiken, a fight will definitely break out.

El has not awakened the Conqueror Haki, he can't defeat them all in instant, If a fight broke out, he would definitely hurt these innocent people.

Therefore, El chooses to avoid them which rarely happens.

The stone castle that seals the Shichiseiken is very easy to find, it is on the end of another waterway, so El hugged Nami and Kuina carried Carina on her backs, then the two quickly shuttled through the forest at a speed invisible to the naked eyes and successfully found and sneaked into the stone castle.

There are many secret rooms in the stone castle, and there are many sarcophagi and dilapidated boxes in the secret room.

These dilapidated boxes and sarcophagi were empty inside, which made Carina and Nami look distressed.

Obviously, in their eyes, these sarcophagi and boxes must have been filled with gold and silver jewelry.

Sadly, there is nothing in here now.

If you think about it, the location of this stone fort is so obvious.

There is an ethnic group next door, and there is a prosperous city on the other side of the island.

Even if there is a huge amount of treasure, it is impossible to preserve it until now.

Thinking of this, Carina and Nami didn't feel any regret anymore.

"Without the treasure, does the most beautiful sword in the legend still exist" In the dimly lit corridor, Carina asked curiously.

"Then let's look for it and find it out." El did not confess this time, he just smiled.

"If not, then go read the memories of those ethnic groups and see if they know the whereabouts of the Shichiseiken.

After speaking, the four came to a secret place again.

In the room they open the sarcophagus inside once again, this time, it is no longer empty.

An incomparably slender, emerald green long sword with incomprehensible runes engraved on its blade caught the eyes of the four.

"Is this a lie!"

Seeing the Shichiseiken inside the sarcophagus, Carina didn't dare to believe it "All the treasures have been emptied, but the National Treasure actually remains here, what are those people thinking"

"Could there be a problem with this sword"

The swordsman's intuition made Kuina's eyebrows slightly frown and said.

"I sensed an ominous breath on this sword."


this is a cursed sword and it's one of the strongest cursed swords."

El nodded, then picked up the Shichiseiken with a look of anticipation on his face.


Almost at the moment when El held the hilt of the sword, he suddenly felt something and a smear of red light tore through the darkness, filling El eyes...

Immediately afterward, El's line of sight seemed to travel through time and space, and he saw a red full moon, as well as a sea of ​​corpses formed by countless human corpses.

The negative emotions such as pain and hatred poured into El's body through the hilt of the sword, and then the special energy tried to affect El's mind, turning him into a puppet that could only kill at this moment.

But El's innate talent, Life Return (Seimei Kikan) automatically activated.

Just like when digesting the energy in the nutritional supplement instantly, the negative energy that poured into El's body was instantly digested by Life Return (Seimei Kikan).

Invisible to the naked eye, his Haki continues to increase, at this moment, El's body is like a magnet, madly absorbing the energy that the Shichiseiken has accumulated over the years.

After an unknown amount of time, the Shichiseiken in El's hand suddenly turned into a cloud of dust and disappeared then an incomparably violent airwave erupted from El's body.

the three girls who are closest to El, no matter what devil fruit they eat, all have their eyes turned white, they lay on the ground and pass out.


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