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June 25, 1511, of the Sea Circle Calendar.

The time for customizing a new ship has passed before you know it.

For the past two months, the four traveled on the first half of the Grand Line.

Since the next stop of the Water 7 is Fishman Island, which is 10,000 meters below sea level, they did not visit the Sabaody Archipelago at the end of the first half of the Grand Line.

Instead, they used the Eternal Pose to change their route and travel to other islands.

In the past two months, the four went to several islands, and two of them were among the more than 170 affiliated countries.

During this period, every stop of the four would be causing a big stir on the island.

After all, at this time there are not many supernovas as the "Evil Generation" in 1520.

Before the real Son of Destiny went to sea, the Sea had just a few supernovas every year, at this time it's just half of the year, and now there are only two supernovae, El and Kuina.

Their fame in the first half of the Grand Line is equivalent to the Great Pirates on the New World.

(The New World refers to the second half of the Grand Line)

No matter where they go, anyone who is too faces blind will recognize these two underage kids.

Seeing the walking 220 million Belly, many teams of bounty hunters chose to gamble and then ruined their lives.

Similarly, there are many who want to be famous, by intending to kill El and Kuina, then become the next supernova, either through a sneak attack or frontal battle.

The result is no accident, Kuina, who has taken the task of cleaning up the miscellaneous fish, used a lightning strike to kill them instantly.

As more and more lives die, under Kuina's sword.

an aura invisible to the naked eye began to condense on Kuina's body.

when the time Kuina can grasp this invisible aura, he believes it is time for her to awaken Haki.

With each team of bounty hunters and pirates falling under Kuina's sword.

Sometimes, to save time, Kuina even used the lightning version of Hakoku sovereignty, which shocked the audience.

Because it's all fought on manned or prosperous islands.

The heroic appearance of Kuina's instantly killing those miscellaneous fish has been photographed by the ubiquitous paparazzi many times!

Because of the appearance of the Goro Goro No Mi, Morgans, who has seen the future superstar style in Kuina, has not hesitated to use exaggeration and gimmicks on the World Economy News Paper, Making the heat that just subsided stir up again.

After a lapse of many years, another high-level elemental user appeared in the sea, and it was also the Goro Goro No Mi.

The whole world is also curious, on how powerful the legendary Goro Goro No Mi user will be.

Therefore, every hype by Morgans is very successful, and people all over the world are very impressed.

Then the paparazzi in the first half of the Grand Line seem to have found the code of wealth, All the paparazzi who saw the four were like seeing their parents, and they kept taking pictures of the four from different angles, using either lame or sophisticated tracking methods.

As if they wish they could put the Den Den Mushi(Cameko) in front of the four and take pictures of their mugshots.

With so much hype from Morgans, the star-maker, El and Kuina, just like Ace in the original manga, were a constant threat in the eyes of Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters.

So that, in the past two months, their bounty has skyrocketed twice.

["Young Swordsman" El, A bounty of 199 million Belly, regardless of life or death.]

["Lightning Sword sorcerer" Kuina, A bounty 190 million Belly, regardless of life or death]

Although all the trash fish are clean in Kuina's hand.

But it doesn't prevent, El's bounty from becoming higher than Kuina, because there is no crew member's bounty, that can be higher than the captain's unless she goes independently.

After all, no matter how strong the crew is, she is still the captain's subordinate.

Is it not a kind of strength to be able to subdue such a powerful crew The stronger Kuina is, the greater the threat is El is in the eyes of Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters.

Of course, it was because they didn't know Carina and Nami's abilities, otherwise, El's threat would be even higher.

With the ability to subdue the Goro Goro No Mi and the Mera Mera No Mi users, as well as the Baku Baku no Mi user, the bounty of El will definitely not be the current 199 million Belly, but would even breakthrough 300 million Belly.

A fleet with two Logia-type users, even in the Evil Generation in 1520 of the Sea Circle Calendar, no supernova can be compared to El's group.

After traveling for nearly two months, the four came to an island with a long history with the help of the Eternal Pose, this island is called Asuka Island.

As one of the islands with a long history, Asuka Island is like the Jaya Island, and there is a very beautiful legend circulating on it.

Legend has it that thousands of years ago, the people were extremely afraid of the appearance of the red full moon.

In order to eliminate the panic, God gave the king a holy weapon, Shichiseiken to protect his people on the island.

Whether this legend is true or not, El doesn't know But he knew that the Shichiseiken really existed and the Shichiseiken is indeed the symbol of the royal family of the Asuka Kingdom, and it has the title of "the most beautiful sword" and "holy sword".

he doesn't know how many years have passed since the three princes of the Asuka kingdom fell in love with the same woman and then took out the Shichiseiken and began to fight with each other so that the land and sea were covered with pain, hatred, and sorrow of the victim blood.

The Shichiseiken that absorbed the blood and hatred of countless people has also become a cursed sword at the same time, it is also the new weapon that's been favored by El's heart.

In terms of level, the Shichiseiken is definitely no less than any of the Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono).

Therefore, after relaxing for a few months, he was ready to come and take this cursed sword.


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